Semana Santa

This week is Holy Week. And we headed into Santiago for a fun night with friends. First, a Maundy Thursday service at San Augustine church. Then dinner with too much laughter including a friend’s daughter who lives in Southeast Portland. A small world. And finally, viewing the San Augustine procession from our friend’s balcony until well past 1am. Holy Moly we were tired. But in the best sort of way.

We are not religious, but there are times, like muscle memory, when it all comes flooding back. In church, the words may be in español, but I can speak them or sing them in ingles right along with the priest and congregation. I teared up when the priest washed and kissed the parishioners feet at the service. A simple act of humility. A reminder that we are all servants of each other. No better or worse than the next man.

A Lazy Good Friday

Fergus had to spend the night in his kennel outside. I felt bad leaving him overnight. He was fine, of course. We dashed home from Santiago first thing in the morning. He didn’t leave our sides all day. I’m pretty sure he stayed up all night waiting for us, because he slept all day yesterday.

Gearing Up

I have decided to take a fake it til you make it approach to this walking season. Thousands of Pilgrims are walking by each day. It looks like June or July instead of April. The Pilgrims Office in Santiago says its a 40% increase over last year. And I believe it. Already there are bed shortages. And yet, still we can not get our permissions. <eye roll> <another heavy sigh>

To cheer myself up I have decided I will make it look like we could open on a moment’s notice. Planting my flowers. Making it look inviting. Today, Pilgrims stopped to chat and take photos. No table cloths on tables yet, but I am purchasing equipment to increase the capacity of the number of orders I can put out at a given time. <deep breath>

A Time to Sew…

My vegetable garden starts are ready to plant 🌱. Jeff has tilled the soil in the fenced garden after they removed the trees with heavy equipment last week. He’s creating furrows with the tractor, as we speak. Then, I’ll head out to plant them.

Earlier, Jeff prepared the ground in the field for the lavender. We are a year late planting it but such is life here. Everything takes me longer than I would like.

Fergus was my constant companion today, until he chased Pilgrims down the road who stopped to pet him. I got my workout getting him home. A black dog on a hot day in Spain has it tough. He is back sleeping next to me as I write this. Worn out from farm adventures.

Tomorrow we head back to Santiago for a final pre-mass procession, Easter service, then lunch with friends. The perfect ending to Holy Week. I will say a prayer for things to continue looking up.

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