Hasta La Vista, Valencia

A whirlwind is how I would describe the last few hours before we boarded the high-speed train bound for Madrid. I had a list and only so much time to complete it.

First stop was my favorite el horno sin gluten. Gluten free bakery. It is near our old apartment, so I traipsed back across Puente de la Trinitat and arrived as they were pulling my favorite apple tarts out of the oven. Yum! It melted in the mouth.

It’s a family run establishment and the husband, wife and daughter know me. I used to battle a local woman who would come in and buy up all the apple tarts. I had to get there early to get one. Sometimes they put one aside for me.

I have been here more than a hundred times but never noticed the Galician plates and the Sargadelos on the wall. Its a protective Celtic talisman. Own a home in Galicia and you own at least one Sargadelos. My first one was a gift from Carol, whom I met on this blog. Before we bought the farm. It protects our home today. Living in Galicia has me on alert for such things.

I asked the husband when he came over and brought me a big Valencia orange, complete with leaves. He walked me over to the wall. It seems they are Gallegos living in Valencia. I never knew this. He showed me pictures of where they will retire ‘someday.’ It’s like a dream.

But I had to keep moving. On to visit my beloved hairdresser, Rubin a few blocks away.

Sadly, Rubin is on vacaciones but that didn’t stop me from stocking up on product, which afforded me a free gift. Jeff was thrilled to learn his nearly empty backpack would be fully utilized with the overflow.

After Hairdresser hugs from my old colorist, I had no time to waste walking the 20+ blocks to the best Arabic grocery in Valencia.

The photo is just a small portion of what I purchased. Spices, rose and orange blossom water, and pomegranate molasses. I will be making Lebanese food all week next week. I can’t wait!

A stroll back to the hotel to collect Jeff. Some things have changed in our old local park.

Buganvilla is beginning to bloom. Along with the mesquite trees. Hibiscus 🌺 is also making an appearance.

New initiatives to protect the local bee population, and the venerated Valencian bats are all over the Jardin del Real. Bat boxes are all over the park.

In other good news, during la pandemia the city repaired the broken tiles in the park and they look wonderful. The upside of less traffic.

List completed. Not bad for a Saturday morning. I’m a little sweaty but we are on the train to Madrid, flying along at +300kms an hour. It’s a quick trip before we board the new HS to Galicia. Sleeping in our own bed tonight.

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