In the Waiting Room

The question everyone in the world is asking is ´When will I be vaccinated?´ And its not an easy answer. There are so many vaccines and so much confusion. Supplies are running low and every leader around the globe over promised and under delivered so far. Then I saw this article in Las Provincias, containing a calculator so you could see your place in line in Valencia. And it´s eye opening.

Based on all the criteria – my age, co-morbidity (icky word for high risk health issues), and the like, there are 300k-1.3mm people in Valencia ahead of me in line to be vaccinated. That’s a big range. With a population of 5 million people in the Valencian Community. So in the grand scheme I´ll be vaccinated before most of them. They even gave me a date range as to when that might be possible. Some time between March 1st and June 30th of 2021. Great. Sounds fine. But reading the fine print that´s based on them vaccinating 160k people a week in Valencia. They just hit the grand total of 149k in total for the first dose in the past 6 weeks. And right now they´re vaccinating around 8500 people a week. So the math says my vaccination is not liable to happen within the next year, let alone this spring. If I have to wait for 1.3 million other people to be vaccinated ahead of me I´ll be waiting 3 years. Unless something very drastic changes.

It seems like getting back to normal is a pipe dream in the near future. Three years of mask wearing just to get to 1.3 million people? And to get the full 5 million? At the current rate that would take more than 11 years! I don´t think society has 11 years to deal with this thing. It can´t handle it now. How many more variants would enter the field? Ones that won´t respond to the vaccine most of us haven´t even gotten yet.

I remember back in November and December when the vaccines were just over the horizon. When politicians were promising doses in the millions and that ´most of Spain would get be vaccinated by summer.´ We all heard this from leaders across the globe. What happened? How were they so wrong? Were they misled by vaccine manufacturers? Or were they just crossing their fingers and wishing on stars?

I know I´m not alone. We´re all tired of this. But where is the actual plan? Three years for someone my age isn´t a plan. It´s a pipe dream. As we all know after 2020, a lot can happen in a year. But three? It will be an entirely different world.

7 thoughts on “In the Waiting Room

  • The vaccine situation is changing all the time. New vaccines are coming out and will eventually be added to the mix.
    My family live in South Africa. At first they wouldn’t get any vaccine. Now they’ve just received Astro Seneca made in India. I live in Canada. We have Pfizer and Moderna approved. We don’t manufacture our own ( yet) so the brokered agreement was that Pfizer will send us some from the plant in Belgium. Now the EU is mad at England and our supply might be cut off… In the meantime Johnson&Johnson have one coming out etc. The landscape keeps changing. It’s a worldwide thing anyway. All countries will need it to stop the spread.
    Originally we were told the first vaccines will not be available in the first three years. That has changed as well. Thankfully.
    Ordinary people only have control over their own lives. We depend on the scientists and the governments to do theirs. Worrying is not going to help. Take the long view and breathe…

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    • The long view is a struggle for me these days. They’re warning that if we’ve had it we can still get reinfected with the South African variant. I worry my body won’t survive another infection. The first time has nearly done me in. A vaccine feels like life raft I’m keen to get on as it offers peace of mind.


      • Yip, You are being you. Sending you a big hug, lots of love and I will keep you and Jeff in my prayers. I am doing me: “Thy will be done.” Guides me throughout my life. Makes difficult days easier.

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  • And now I want Kopps although I had never heard of it. It’s horribly frustrating. I was looking with such pride at how Spain was approaching this pandemic but saddened by the reality. That said, we’re all in an equal mess and we sure can’t hold our breath till it’s better because for sure then we would all be dead. Here is to hoping that the calculator is as bad at estimating as was Trump.

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  • Kelli, here in ol Milwaukee, USA, the vaccine arrived the week before Christmas. In the time since, less than 10% of the vaccine age population has gotten both doses. The rollout in the US was atrocious. I feel for you and hope Spain gets enough vaccines and a good rollout plan.

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    • Its so weird to me that it seems so hard to jab people. You can go to a Walgreens or CVS to get a vaccine. Why not Covid? I didn´t know you were in Milwaukee. Holy Moly! Kopps is the best frozen custard on the planet. Lucky guy. I´d swim in that stuff right about now

      They´re talking about perhaps using farmacias here to help distribute it. But so far it´s been like they just don´t have the personnel to do it. Maybe they´re all fighting the virus. Or it could be bureaucracy.


      • Yep, Biden announced yesterday that a serious number of vaccines would be released and delivered DIRECTLY to CVS and Walgreens pharmacies, so maybe that will help. And yeah, Kopps is hard to beat. Wishing you the best in your move. Can’t believe what you guys have accomplished.

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