News from Around the Globe

Oh – what to do. Our weekend consisted of…well, you know. I’m writing a lot and blogging more than usual. So I’m pretty sure everyone is up to date on what we’re up to.

We can’t leave the house, no surprise there. So I’ve been out in the cyber world living virtually. And my WhatsApp groups are lit up. Groups normally reserved for friends travel experiences or hiking club. Book group or tapas meet ups. We are talking about none of those things. Now everyone is sharing what they’re hearing, seeing and just plain trying to stay connected to humans that are not within a 5 foot radius of their physical being.

Let’s face it – we’re all bored to tears and now I’m going to be like your old Aunt Bessie and SPAM you with stupid things I’ve seen on the internet related to the Coronavirus and the resultant lock down of our global society. Afterwards I’ll knit something and take my pills. Right on brand.

Here we go:

We can go no where or the policia will stop us and make inquiries before ticketing us on the first offence and then jailing us on any subsequent meetings. But you can walk your perro (dog). So a friend sent this to me and I thought I’d share this little cutie. At least he’s alive. For 10 euros you can purchase yourself a brief reprieve into the outside world. That’s what this virus has reduced us to in Spain. Pimping out our dogs.

I saw a guy walking his child’s toy dog – I’m not kidding – while he took a smoke break on the corner. There is a dog park near our home and frustrated dog owners have taken their frustrations out on each other by fighting about nonsense within ear shot. So yes, we have live dinner theater here.

It’s been fun watching the city join together. Nightly now we have our clapping sessions across the city for those who are saving our lives, or keeping us safe, or waiting on our germ-filled, fed-up bored selves at any number of grocery stores, farmacias or tobaconists across the country. Its very touching. I will film it each night and post it to the blog.

But then there are the truly creative. The pioneers and this guy and his neighbors are some of them. Yes, the smoking rate in Spain is off the charts. But I think the people here live so long because I’ve never lived in a place where they were fitter than here. My neighbor’s roof top work out didn’t surprise me.

I’m pretty sure it’s these same folks who are playing a game of neighborhood bingo. Social distancing and bridging the divide taken to a whole new level.

Turning to Twitter after many months of ghosting my vast number of followers – HAHA . It’s where I like to spend my pandemic. It vacillates between heart warming and rage-tweeting. But here are a few of the gems that make me smile.

Yeah – mine too. But he never left the house.
It’s just the photo but you get the irony – right? They’re announcing an emergency and recommending social distancing in a crowd. Nevermind

If you’re lonely during this virus you might consider squirrel adoption. Like this lady.

Or befriend any wild animal that shows up at your back door. We all need a friend in times of crisis and this lady made an unexpected friend when she really needed it. P.S. my Mom has squirrel and raccoon friends she feeds every night on her back patio. Yup.

And finally, this tweet that reminds us all that while America might be the ‘greatest country in the world‘ (psst…don’t tell anyone but we’re not), other countries are actually demonstrating a level of humanity in this crisis that gives me hope for mankind – if nature doesn’t kill us first.

Stay safe out there. little Buckeroos. I’ll see you again soon on the next episode of ‘Sleepless in a Pandemic in Valencia.’ Salud!

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