A Fresh Perspective

The change of seasons blows in new ideas and new ways of looking at things. It’s never the big stuff that makes the difference. It’s always the small, subtle things that push us – sometimes kicking and screaming – in a new direction.

Our new furniture arrives tomorrow. So it required a little re-thinking our layout. And with the addition of our Christmas tree, well, it would have happened anyway. But now I find myself looking out a different window from my chaise. In a completely different direction than I did before. And I see different things. 

No more dog park and palm-tree lined tram way. I no longer look out across to the balcony of the guy we have called ‘Captain Underpants’ for the last 9 months. Guessing if today would be a ‘boxer or brief day’. I’m looking down the road to Alboraya now. More Spanish flags hanging from balconies. More established terrace gardens that are still hanging on, late in the season.

Before we left for Brazil, I insisted we hang the tapestry we got in Greece many years ago. It is quite large and used to hang on 20ft. high staircase heading up to our bedroom in the Snoqualmie house, so we hung it sideways here. But until today, my chair had its back to it so I didn’t really get to appreciate how lovely the design really is. Now I can look at it while I write – or continue to practice my driving tests online.

Our Christmas tree I shipped from the US is up. All our family ornaments are on it and, as is tradition, I have only knocked it over once and broken one ornament – so El Compartemiento is well and truly christened, like all our other houses (I used to blame it on the cats!). Hanging the ornaments brought back so many memories of Christmases past. Things made by our kids in kindergarten, or just because. Trips we took, or some made by my sister-in-law during lean years when those were the only gifts that were exchanged. Some from when I was a kid – so they’ve been on more trees than I’d like to count.

Benimachlet Christmas

We have been lured out by some of the Cyber Monday deals. I finally have a good bread knife and a sharp paring knife. And a counter edge bamboo cutting board that covers my entire counter top. I even bought a KitchenAid mixer to replace the one I left behind in the US. El Corte Ingles and I are fast friends this holiday season. Let the Christmas cookie baking begin! Our neighbors will soon find family cookies on their door steps of all my Mom and Grandma’s recipes – with ‘Feliz Navidad’ notes (+allergy warnings in Spanish). 

So today, I’m looking in a new direction. But also back. To the traditions and memories that make up our lives – no matter where we live. And at this moment, I’m glad I shipped that stuff from back home. This non-traditionalist is pretty happy to be celebrating some traditions right about now. Maybe that’s the fresh perspective I needed after all.