Holy Crap! We’re buying a house in Portugal

Sao Pedro do Moel Beach

We’ll track all our new Lessons Learned for Moving to Portugal right here – So you can follow along.

Oops – we did it again. We’re heading out to parts unknown on a new journey. Are we crazy? Maybe a little bit. But what is life without adventure? Distance wise it’s a bit like moving from Washington to California. But in every other respect its not the same at all. New language, new customs and culture, new laws. All of it just adds to the fun! Jeff will cover the house stuff and I’ll cover the rest. A new project. I love it!

Hot Topics

Getting a Portuguese Driving Licence

Here, we’ll cover how to obtain the Portuguese driving license. And you guessed it, it’s not the same as Spain.

This is what I’ve learned about the process so far. If you’re moving to Portugal – you can drive on your US license for 6 months. However – after you have established residences (you’ve entered the country and filed your final paperwork once there) you have 90 days to swap it out. To do that you’ll need:

A valid US driving license and to request the driving extract from your the state where your license is issued to prove you have a violation free record and to prove it’s valid.

Then you will visit a doctor who will perform a medical and mental test to determine if you’re fit to drive. Then you can visit your local IMT center and file to swap out your US driving license.

Moving House – Spain to Portugal

So much for getting rid of all our stuff in the US. Now that we’ve acquired a house, after furnishing an apartment and creative space full of furniture in Valencia, we’ll need to move it from Valencia to our new house in Portugal. Hola Spanish Moving company!! We’re in the process of boxing up everything and getting it ready. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Registering your Spanish Car in Portugal

We would have had to go through this process in Spain anyway – so now we’ll just do it in Portugal. I’m still learning about the process and will update here as I go through this process.

The Portuguese Resident Visa

Like the first time wasn’t fun enough for Spain! – gathering documents and flying to LA for our Spanish visa appointment. Now we get to do it again! Yay!! But this time we’ll be applying at the Portuguese consulate in Barcelona, Spain. The process is different (the visas are different) – we’ll keep you posted

Let’s do this together.