Fin de Semana Delicioso

A Gorgeous weekend in Valencia. Saturday was windless on the beach. Micro waves, no wind. And it was warm enough to be out and about until the mid afternoon without a jacket. And the water wasn't too bad after you got used to it. It's nice to get back to normal. Or what feels like … Continue reading Fin de Semana Delicioso

Too Much Junk in the Trunk

You can already tell the days are getting longer. The afternoon light has started to get that honey colored glow. The afternoons are in the 60's and even 70's this past weekend. Spring is arriving in January in Valencia. Even my beleaguered pepper plant - that I failed to bring in all winter - has … Continue reading Too Much Junk in the Trunk

Last Days in Ireland – Feeling the Love

We left Derry and made our way back to Dublin. I've finally figured out the roads - what the letters mean - so we used the wider cow paths to get there - mostly uneventfully. I won't lie, I'll miss being called 'Love', 'Pet' or 'Darlin'' liberally sprinkled in any sentence that addressed me for … Continue reading Last Days in Ireland – Feeling the Love

Holy Shit! Driving in Ireland

First off, renting a car at the Dublin airport mimicked buying a used car on Aurora Avenue in Seattle. It felt like we were haggling with a used car salesman for insurance, transmission and tire coverage. If he'd mentioned 'clear coat' I would have gone ballistic. We needed a shower after. The swearing started directly … Continue reading Holy Shit! Driving in Ireland

Happy Christmas

Its Christmas Eve in County Mayo on the banks of Lough Conn (Loch Conn). Our home for the holiday this year is cold and drafty. Jeff has headed out for more fuel and I'm wrapped in a new wool blanket from the local Foxford Woolen mill. Jeff and I went into the village to visit … Continue reading Happy Christmas

‘The Americans are here!’ – Dublin to County Mayo

First, some photos of Dublin. There was a jewelry shop called 'Field's' so that photo is for my parents. The rest are just random while out and about. Criss crossing the river Liffey.We left Dublin in a spitting rain. Only a few wrong turns and lanes, then we were out on the highway, that turned … Continue reading ‘The Americans are here!’ – Dublin to County Mayo