Questions, Questions, Questions

OK, so maybe I've emailed too many questions to the consulate. I've never had to go through the rigorous process for establishing residence in another land. So I'm not sure why I'm so wrapped around the axle on doing this. Perhaps it's the conflicting information on their website. Or all the conflicting information on other … Continue reading Questions, Questions, Questions

The Oracle of Jamba Juice

It's been one of those days. There are bound to be a few as we navigate the world of visas and setting up our lives in Spain. The endless paperwork, certifications, Apostles and confusion. I woke up this morning to a message from the bank in Valencia. Apparently showing that you have accounts with money … Continue reading The Oracle of Jamba Juice

The Strategy of No Strategy – At All

I'm a big believer in weighing my option objectively. This usually translates into some sort of Pros and Cons list. Not everyone in my household appreciates this approach. Jeff's opinion is that I usually overthink things. Mine is that once I make a decision, there are no regrets. No recriminations. Just forward motion. Quitting my job … Continue reading The Strategy of No Strategy – At All

Conference with the Sea

Today, we officially entered the home finding phase on the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. Today, I spoke to my own version of The Great and Powerful Oz. My Gestor, Linda. Now that the time has fallen back to standard time in Spain - Arizona doesn't bother doing that, at all - we are … Continue reading Conference with the Sea