Don’t Blow Away! 💨

Today, is an awful weather day, by most people’s estimate. So much wind and rain, it woke us both up in the middle of the night. LuLu was snuggled between us. Afraid of the storm and taking comfort in our warmth and the magic of a deep down comforter.

The pup and the cat hesitated greatly before agreeing to go out in the morning. Fergus had slept ten hours in his crate, after putting himself to bed while we watched a movie. He needed to go out. LuLu usually waits for her breakfast, then runs off for a few hours of patrolling and frolicking. Not so today, as the movie rain and wind have not let up.

I heard her cry to get in, and laughed when I saw her head peek up through the glass. She promptly ran in and had the last laugh as she made a beeline for the white chair and climbed in to get comfortable with her wet muddy paws. Luckily, my new carpet and upholstery shampooer was just delivered from Amazon. So no permanent harm done.

I had to head into Melide first thing this morning to meet with our gestoria – accountant.. The ditches on the side of the N-547 were overflowing, and the streets of our little hill town sported inches of standing water. The rio Furelos is over it’s banks as I crossed the bridge. My umbrella was pummeled. Greetings from neighbors were greatly abbreviated as we all hung onto the only thing between us and blowing away in the storm.

Making my way home, I saw pilgrims bent against the wind, pelted by the rain. Heads down. After New Years the numbers are increasing. It’s a terrible day to walk. But they will be grateful for a hot shower, and a warm bed tonight. I was happy to pull into our driveway. Jeff had spent the dry Sunday yesterday spreading leftover gravel onto the muddy spots with the tractor. We will need four more gigantic bags of gravel delivered by Toñio to cover the rest. But the bit he spread kept the mud off my feet and me from standing in an inch of water when I disembarked from the car.

Yes, this is rough weather but, in our estimation, this is some of our favorite weather. And it’s about to get worse – or so we hope. Tonight the temperature will drop to freezing. And this rain blowing up from the Azores will begin coming from Greenland. And it will bring snow ❄️. Glorious snow!!Time to head up to the closet in the guest room and pull out my snow boots! Or even Emilie’s. Her’s are in there, too, for some reason. And, I can wear my Canada Goose expedition jacket. Maybe make a snowman ☃️!

Tomorrow should be in eye opener for our two pets who have never seen snow. In more ways than one. Their morning ablutions will be icy. And they will get to see their parents go a little crazy with a snowball fight. We just have to be careful where we make our snow angels. And avoid the yellow snow😉

2 thoughts on “Don’t Blow Away! 💨

  • I hope you get the snow that you want. Here on the coast we just get the high winds, heavy seas and giant ice balls that they call granizos. My baby succulent bed is getting pummeled. 😫 And taking the dog out in-between storms is interesting. You’ve only got about 3 minutes before the next storm hits and some dogs need to sniff every wet blade of grass to find the right spot. Geesh….

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    • It’s snowing sideways now. On and off all day. Yes, the storm over night has the yard underwater. I took Fergus out this am to survey the damage. He look up at and whined. I laughed and wished him luck finding a patch of un submerged grass. Perhaps in the future he won’t be si picky😀


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