The Shake Down Cruise

In the dense fog, we drove Jeff to Portomarin this am. And we dropped him off for the start of training for the Camino in April of 2023. On his Catrike. We figured that Portomarin to home, roughly 34+ kms, with a big uphill right outside town, and abundant types of terrain, it would be a good first test. The usual ride to Melide and back doesn’t provide that much information.

Fergus wore his high-vis insulated coat to show his support for Dad’s ride. He was a little unsure of it all. Sniffing and whining as Jeff unloaded gis gear from the car and mounted up. Jeff will begin training with large five litre plastic bottles of water strapped into the trailer and panniers. When he takes the ride in April he will be we be weighted down with a lot of gear.

Fergus and I drove back to Melide to try to get a vet appointment for him. As predicted, they told me to come back next week to make an appointment. No kidding. Getting him fully vaccinated with the second dose is yet another challenge to be overcome in Melide. But that didn’t slow us down.

I found a lavanderĂ­a that has machines for mascotas – pets. of all sizes, including horses. So we washed his anti-anxiety bed. And while we waited we had a beverage at a local cafe. He is quickly becoming the mayor of Melide. A local celebrity with the unusual dog name. Young and old stop to per him and help me with socializing him to strangers.

After collecting Fergus’ freshly laundered bed from the lavandaria, we made our way home. Barely settling in from our adventures when Jeff walked through the door. Three hours door to door. Portomarin to A Campanilla. That gives him an idea of how many kms per day he can shoot for on the Camino from Roncesvalles. Before his real training has even begun in earnest. Jeff will skip the snowy Pyrenees on the trike Camino in April.

Over the barn at sunset 26 December 2023

Today is the last sunny day of 2022 here. Last night’s sunset was something to behold. It should be another beauty tonight before the next deluge begins. Just in time for Jeff to begin testing out his biking rain gear. Another adventure to look forward to.

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