The Best Menu

Jeff and I were invited to attend church on Christmas in Santiago. The service concluded with a lovely White Christmas on the organ. I couldn’t help but sing along. Then, an epic Christmas lunch, which ran until dinner time. Of course. With friends both old and new. Some were of the more Holy variety. Something I myself, sadly, can not claim. I’ll let the videos and photos tell most of the story.

We walked up to the Cathedral. I love the bells.

If you have ever walked a Camino, you’ll remember hearing the lone piper under the portico. Yesterday it was a jaunty tune.

The Cathedral asked San Augustin church to host the Belen – Nativity Scene. It’s a Xacabeo year and they needed all the pews for the masses. The detail is amazing. And allusions and metaphor abound.

Christmas trees were not a thing in Spain until about 50 years ago. Families had crèches in their homes depicting the cave of the nativity.

After the service we walked back thru the square and past the Parador. Down the road is a small funky laundry. Kind of random, but I stopped to take some photos as Pilgrims were doing laundry on Christmas morning. Its a wet muddy walk these days to Santiago.

Then, it was on to lunch. A beautiful table was laid for us. Our hosts outdid themselves. That is saying something. And the culinary delights – and extraordinary beverages – just kept coming. The flaming brandied Christmas pudding was a highlight.

Jeff and I took some photos of the lights of Santiago on a Christmas night as we walked back to the car. Including the light on the top of the Cathedral. It will be extinguished on December 31st until the next Holy Year when, once again, the Holy Door will open, welcoming Pilgrims from around the world.

I think Father Fermin said it best yesterday as we sat down to lunch. He looked at the cards at each place setting and he read it aloud.

‘Joy, love, hope, peace, believe. I think this is the best menu.’

I couldn’t agree more.

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