Feliz Navidad

Jeff and I drove down to Portomarin to look at the River this afternoon. Two months ago the rio Miño, the largest river in Galicia and one of the largest hydro-electric producing rivers in Spain, was down so low it was a trickle. Fish could not survive. The river was critical. We wanted to see for ourselves where is stood after epic rains over the past two months.

Good news!! It seems we got a Milagro de Navidad – Christmas miracle. The river is back to normal. The water is so high the old ruins are no longer visible. As far as we can tell the river is 3-4 meters higher than eight weeks ago. Galicia can breath a huge sigh of relief.

On the way home we stopped in Portomarin for a beverage at the only place open. The owners little daughter dressed in her Christmas finest was handing out treats to patrons, as her proud parents looked on from behind the bar. She was floating a foot off the ground, so excited about Christmas.

Fergus enjoyed his adventure with us but he was tired from it. Tonight he is asleep on the sofa with Jeff, as I cook dinner. I’m taking a page from my Jewish friends in the US who always eat Chinese food on Christmas- as those were historically the only restaurants open in the US. Except, I’m making a Thai cashew cabbage salad with curried chicken and spicy peanut sauce, served over brown rice as our Christmas Eve meal. Tomorrow we dine with friends in Santiago de Compostela after church in the old town. A big table filled with those who, like us, are living far away from family during the holidays. Of course, the hosts will out do themselves as they always do, making us all feel like family.

On the Christmas Eve, Jeff and I wish you all a Happy Christmas- Feliz Navidad – by adding a video my friend, Laia, in Barcelona sent me tonight from one of the epic light displays so many Spanish cities are known for. And Barcelona is no exception.

I hope Santa, or any one of the numerous holiday characters in your town, village, or country brings your heart’s desire on his sleigh, donkey or yak. And that you are spending the holidays with those most dear to you. May the magic of the season transform each of us. If just for a moment. And may you find peace and contentment in 2023. 🙏

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