The Perfect Gift 🎁

Fergus and I went on an adventure yesterday. All the way to Lugo in his new coat. His first big trip with me. I had a puppy bed and a little seatbelt and harness for Fergus on the front seat. Its a DGT law that dogs must be harnessed and belted in. I will admit that bringing him home the first night I just held him on my lap. Along with toys and chew bones he loves, his bed is his happy place. He was my sidekick as we listened to Christmas music on the A54. We parked where we always do outside the Roman wall and walked to the main gate.

Our first stop was to the Correos office to mail packages to family in the US, and friends overseas. I have been baking and buying Spanish candies for our Christmas boxes. Spanish Holiday Candy used to seem exotic but now are just what we are used to. All this mailing is a little later this year than usual. But I have been a bit busy.

The people in the post office made over Fergus like the celebrity he is. He is learning to walk on a lead. Treats help. A LOT!! Passersby on the streets stop to pet him. He is getting socialized to strangers. My number one goal. We will stay away from other dogs until all his vaccinations are completed.

After mailing boxes, we were off to purchase a new cell phone. Mine has been a huge problem, of late. It wouldn’t retain a charge for more than a half hour off the charger. And sometimes it wouldn’t even take a charge. The EU has a right to repair law. But a new battery on an old phone isn’t that much less than a new phone. It was time to bite the bullet and just get it done. The women at the mobile service provider behaved as though they had never seen a puppy. And Fergus basked in their adoration, as I took care of the paperwork. It took a handful of treats to break him away from his new friends.

Our last stop was the HULA. Hospital Univerario Lucas Augusti. I had read in the newspaper that we wouldn’t be getting a text for the fourth dose of the Covid vaccine. Because we are under 60 years old. And I had Covid again back in May. I couldn’t have received another dose before 1 November. They have a 6 month rule after infection. But the good news is that now anyone can request it. I just had to drive to the hospital outside Lugo city centre, and make appointments for Jeff and myself. I could carry Fergus inside my coat to the appointment desk and make them for Jeff and myself. Easy.

When we pulled into the hospital’s underground garage, I looked over and Fergus was asleep in his bed on the passenger seat. Out like a light after his errands and adoration in old town Lugo. He was still harnessed in and none the wiser. I decided to run inside and make the appointments. Five minutes in and out. But, the newspaper was wrong, as per usual. Every hospital in Galicia manages things how they manage them. Just like every bureaucrat. It depends on who you get. Very often making up their own rules. This time it was unexpectedly in my favor. Sort of. They took me right into a cube and jabbed me with the Covid vaccine. And the flu shot. Slam bam, thank you, mam. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It seems that Jeff will just need to drive to the HULA and get his jabs. No appointment. No texts. No QR code. No waiting. I was the only person there.

I have read the nearly 50% of those over 60 have eschewed the forth dose. And even less have received a flu vaccination in a year of skyrocketing flu numbers. 80% of beds in our hospital are occupied between Covid, Flu or RSV. After Spain’s record participation in the Covid vaccination program, it seems people here think the danger has passed. No wonder there wasn’t a line. I used to feel very safe in a coffee shop filled with old people because 96% were boosted. Now? Maybe not as much.

I went back to the car. Fergus was still asleep. As we drove home, I was a little surprised as to how it went. The last couple of Covid jabs have made me really ill. And, I haven’t had a flu shot since my son Nick was a baby. When we both got the flu so bad Nick ended up in the hospital. I knew both of these doubly whammy jabs weren’t going to make the following 24 hours very fun. And they didn’t disappoint. But, I have done this before. I knew it would pass, and I am better now than I was during the night.

I had planned on delivering cookies 🍪 to neighbors and friends today. I baked for nearly 12 hours straight on Sunday. Hundreds of cookies. That is not happening. But, tomorrow is another day. And now I am protected for our Christmas lunch with friends in Santiago on Sunday! I just need to get Jeff to Lugo before then. Knowing he is boosted and vaccinated against the flu is the only gift I want this year. 🎄🎁

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift 🎁

  • Flu season is in full swing here. Our 2-month-old granddaughter caught RSV from her older brother and sister and spent 5 days in the PICU. Scary times but she is okay now. I’m glad to have all of my jabs including the flu shot. Anything I can do to prevent getting sick is good with me.

    I wish you and Jeff ¡Feliz Navidad y un Próspero Año Nuevo!

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