A Prince Is Born

Sir Fergus is in the house! And what a first 18 hours it has been. I forgot what having a baby is like. Oh yeah. Now I remember.

Puppies eat, sleep, and poop (hopefully outside). I am his entire world right now. He goes nowhere without me. Again, just like a toddler. You can’t close the bathroom door for two minutes of privacy without someone small begging to get in.

In 18 hours he has learned to come when called by his name. I taught him this in the dark around 11pm last night while trying to get him to do his business before bedtime. Needless to say, we had a long rainy and dark training session. He finally got down to it and was rewarded with treats and high praise. Only two accidents in the house in total. As most new Moms can attest, I am joined at the hip with him. He is never off lead in the house. As far as LuLu is concerned, the jury is still out on this newest addition to our family. Although they are both native Spaniards and their pet parents are just immigrants using them for their residence visas 🤣🤣🤣

LuLu waited until he was in a deep sleep to get a closer look

Fergus seems at home already. Although I think it’s the constant treats for good behavior that are doing the heavy lifting. He loves his crate and I followed all the instructions online to get him to think of it as his safe space. Lined with a sheepskin rug. Toys. The blanket and stuffed animals we took to A Coruña to gather the scent of his litter mates. Including the little lamb with the electronic heartbeat to mimic his siblings.

Having done all of that, we still opened up the foldout sofa and we slept all together like a puppy pile. Even LuLu came up on the bed. And to our surprise, Fergus slept over eight hours. Of course, like every toddler, he slept sideways and Jeff and I had just the edge of the bed. But it was a big win. I woke up in the middle of the night, freaked out my heartbeat was so loud I could hear it. It was a moment before I realized it was Fergus’ heartbeat lamb as he lay there snuggled up to it.

This morning continued with crate training. Leaving the door open and letting him come and go. I turned my back for a second and LuLu kitty had jumped up on top of the crate. And with a nonchalance that would be the envy of Frenchwomen and felines around the globe, casually leaned against the metal door to slam it shut from above. Trapping Fergus in his crate. Then she jumped down and stood there looking in at him. As if to say ‘Now thats how the pros do it, peasant. You’re in my house now.’ Then she sauntered away.

Fergus doesn’t like the wet grass and prefers to sit on my slippers. A discerning gentleman.

The Queen supervising Fergus’ 47th walk today.

I will lose 20 lbs in the next month. I am sure of it. Countless walks, feeding him and forgetting to eat myself. And all the playing and running. But it will be worth it when he becomes the good Albergue pup I know he is destined to be. Although, I fear Queen LuLu would wholeheartedly beg to differ.

9 thoughts on “A Prince Is Born

  • “ I woke up in the middle of the night, freaked out my heartbeat was so loud I could hear it.” 🤣😂🤣 But what a cutie patootie! And yes, cats – our rescue kitten likes to walk on the 3 dogs’ crates at night with the dogs inside, of course. We know it terrifies them, poor things!

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      • Hahahahaaa – I laughed out loud! When we give treats, they all come arunnin’ – 3 little rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats. The kitten is still unsure about the treats but everyone sits. And yep, our cat learned to sit for his treat and if he doesn’t, I tell him to sit and he does 🤣 All 5 LOVE those Trader Joe cat treats 😂


  • I call it Party in the Potty!!!! When all my pets join me to hang out while I’m in there. I’ve accepted I can no longer be alone.

    Fergus is so cute! I’m sure he makes dreary weather better other than the potty breaks outside (give a hint if you have ideas how to get him off your shoes and on the grass will ya if you have any. My pups hate the wet grass. And woo it’s the rainy season in the SE of the US).

    I love how Lulu is the alpha pet. My cat was always the alpha pet in the house. She made sure every dog (except a Great Dane) knew she was the queen and they were her minions. Enjoy this fabulous time!

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  • Oh god, I remembered those puppy days. Constant supervision. The children wanted the dog, but they were at school all day, so it was left to me, with a fear of anything canine!

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