Winding Down

Our season with the food truck is winding down. And not just because the police came back to interrogate us some more. Today, it was the wind that had us throwing in the towel. A very wet towel.

I was all set to open when the 50kph winds began. Our tent started to take flight, even with the cement blocks anchoring it to the ground. I was like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Hanging on to it for dear life, as the rain pummeled me. Jeff ran for ropes and straps in the barn. He started tying poles to the heavy tables. I reinforced his efforts with anything heavy I could find. Bricks and sandbags. Drowned rats. The best description. The second day in a row for Jeff.

As we wind down the food truck, we are beginning all our indoor winter projects that have been neglected all walking season. I want a remodeled kitchen. But there are no contractors available to do the work. Jeff is going to do some small modifications for me. Just until we can get someone who can do what I want done. I’m not holding my breath.

On the way out of Bricomart in Lugo yesterday the rain came down in Biblical waves. Just running to the car I was soaked. Jeff told me to get in. He would load the car.

‘No sense in both of us getting wet.’

But wet didn’t cover it. Not by a long shot. By the time he strapped a butcher block counter top to the roof rack and loaded some kitchen cabinets into the car he was as wet as if he had swum a river. No exaggeration. He got into the car dripping wet. I wanted to laugh but the withering look he gave me as he wiped water from his eyes said No talking. I have wet underwear. Just drive. I read in the paper that drought-ridden Galicia got 10% of her rain for a typical October just yesterday. Jeff is pretty sure it all fell directly upon him in the Bricomart parking lot.

Today, Jeff is in the barn welding things. Hooking up my new business dishwasher in the barn so it drains outside. Printing drain attachments on his 3D printer for our dryer. And lasering me a sign for the gate that informs Pilgrims we are closed for the season. In a couple of languages.

If the weather gets better, I would like to be open next week so I can use up the last of the bananas and avocados. But, perhaps Mother Nature has other plans. My immediate post-season list includes sleeping for a week. Reading a good book (The Physician by Noah Gordon). Then starting my Spanish up, again, in earnest. And yoga. Lots of yoga. Then getting back to my writing and painting. And finally, harassing the turismo and patrimonio in Lugo, relentlessly. Two can play that game. Because I am over these cops stopping by and rattling my cage. On April 1, 2023 I want to be bullet-proof so neither the weather, nor the cafe owner up the street, can stop me. With a couple of cabins built and welcoming Pilgrims, once again. 🤞

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