Ryan is Here!!!🎉🍾🎆

He’s here! We are so Happy! Ryan arrived very, very late Friday. Well, it was minutes from being Saturday. But, no matter. He is here.

He always travels light. His suitcase was filled with things for us, mostly. A new laptop for Jeff. Some computer memory. Mirrors for Jeff’s Catrike, in anticipation of his cycling Camino in March. For me, he brought cold medicine – flu season is coming – and marshmallows for s’mores this winter. Then, Olga sent us candy and cake. We were well-loved when he arrived.

It’s nice to see him. To hear his voice in the house. To make him food. Stupid things. Simple things. I think he is surprised by what we are doing. But he thinks it’s pretty cool, too.

I opened Saturday. He helped me with dishes and taking my signs down after he woke up. Then we walked into Melide for lunch. On Sunday, we drove over the mountains to the El Bierzo conmarca. I love Villafranca del Bierzo. We walked through the town and had coffee there, before having lunch at our favorite restaurant, Moncloa de San Lazaro in Cacabelos. Then, we headed to Ponferrada to the Templar Castle.

I haven’t been to this castle in five years. The last time was with Emilie when we walked through the town on our Camino. I really like this castle as it is very fairytale-like. And Ryan likes history with sword fighting, knights and sieges.

They’ve done much more restoration in the last five years. More of the castle is accessible than before. But, my favorite part are the views from the ramparts.

This castle has amazing acoustics. The church bells, and even an accordion-playing busker turned the castle into a loud speaker.

Today, we head into Santiago de Compostela to see the old city and the Cathedral. And to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. But, it doesn’t really matter what we are doing or eating or seeing. We are together after nearly three years. All that matters is that for one more week Ryan is here.

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