The Spice of Life

We’ve been busy on the farm, and with the food truck. We were in town enjoying a beverage today. Of course, there was an impromptu band. As per usual in Spain. This for San Caralampia. I have no idea what that is but the town was filled with red scarf-clad people.

We were sitting in a cafe enjoying a beverage when I saw my firewood drive by. No kidding. At that moment, we knew what our afternoon would entail.

The first load has been delivered, and Jeff and I went home to find the pile by the shed. We spent a good two hours stacking wood this afternoon. The next load comes on Wednesday in the midst of a lightning storm. Yay!!.

When I was in my 20’s, in my very first studio apartment in Pacific Heights in San Francisco, I would get paid, then buy food for two weeks. After I put my shopping away, I would open all the cupboards and the fridge and survey my bounty. I knew I was set for two weeks, at least. That’s how I feel about a full shed filled with firewood. No matter what, we will be warm this winter.

After our stacking I noticed something hanging from the gate. Strange. I went out and lifted the small package and a note.

This was tied together with red ribbon and a €20 note. Then I read the postcard.

Yesterday, the last Pilgrim of the day needed some help locating her accommodations. She had used a service that pre-booked her into a room each night from Sarria to Santiago. Very common. She had walked to us from Palas de Rei – having left quite late in the morning. It’s about a two hour walk, walking at her own pace. But, she was confused as to where her next lodging was located and asked for my help. We both assumed Melide. I unwound her folded pages and, between us, we determined that the tour company had screwed up and booked her in two places in Palas de Rei. Two nights in a row. So she needed to go back the way she had come. Crazy.

But, surprisingly, she was not rattled. ‘I guess I will call a taxi.’ She said.

I told her I was nearly done for the day and if she could wait a bit I would be happy to drive her. It was a bit difficult to locate and off the beaten path. She set down her pack and helped me take down the signs and close up. Then I loaded her up and drove her back to Palas de Rei and dropped her off at her hotel. We waved goodbye. Not a big deal.

So I was surprised by the package left on the gate with the lovely note, as she obviously walked by for the second time in two days. Included was a €20 note for the jar and a container of Old Bay seasoning with the recipe in Spanish. She must have asked the hotel to print it out for her. I have never heard of this seasoning before. Must be an east coast of the US thing as her postcard was from Maryland. But I was touched nonetheless. Her note will sit on the desk in my office. A reminder this winter of why we are living here on the Camino.

Our jar is filling up. Todd’s Kindness jar is approaching €100 since I set it out just two weeks ago. Today, another woman gave me €20 for two cokes and told me to keep the rest. €16 went in the jar. These past few years, watching the news, my faith in humanity has been shaken. Extremism abounds, and I fear for the planet. But I meet people every day who let me know that there are more good people than bad in this world. More kind and caring individuals who we will never see in the news. People like this Pilgrim, who literally, seasons the world with their inherent goodness. And with enough of them, I think we might just be OK.

8 thoughts on “The Spice of Life

  • Old Bay can be used on anything one would use a seasoning salt on. Much like Johnny’s seasoning salt. I didn’t know it was a southern things as it is readily available at grocery stores in Eastern Washington. I love the Todd jar!

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  • I, too, am so surprised you don’t know Old Bay!! It’s gluten free and you can also use it with other spices to make a poaching liquid for shrimp (like for shrimp cocktail), or other seafood. What a lovely gesture by this kind Pilgrim!!

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