Ola Portugal – Again

I had an appointment today down in Porto. So the food truck was locked up tight. Jeff took the day off to go with me. And he had a great idea. Instead of driving down today before dark, we left last night and slept in a hotel in Vigo.

I have never spent much time in Vigo. It was a restless night. For a few reasons. Then we took a walk this morning before getting in the car to head south.

Because I can’t go anywhere without a Pilgrim walking past, we spotted a guy heading north looking for his first arrow of the day.

I was anxious we were running a bit late, but I forgot that while due south of Galicia, Portugal is one hour behind Spain. The drive south to Portugal was interesting. Entire hillsides burned from the fires in July. Very sad and scary to see.

After my appointment in Porto, we decided to cheer ourselves up before heading back home. I thought a visit to the Porto Sea Life Aquarium on the waterfront might do the trick. Aquariums are soothing. And acting like a kid for a few hours seemed right up my alley. But, well, the Porto Aquarium is no Oceanographic in Valencia. While fun, its like once you’ve been to Paris that casino of the same name in Las Vegas doesn’t hold a candle. But I did love watching the animals.

Afterward, we went for a walk on the shore and grabbed a bite to eat. And, yet again, we were surrounded by Pilgrims on the Portuguese route to Santiago. including the ladies just a few tables away.

Jeff offered to stay in Porto tonight. To find me a hotel with a big bath tub so I could soak the blues away like a mermaid. But I figured all these Pilgrims were a sign. I disappointed a few people being closed today. Time to head home. I need to open tomorrow. Get back to it. I’ll take a raincheck on Jeff’s offer. One day in the winter I’ll cash it in for a weekend hotel in Lisbon, a long lazy afternoon of browsing in Bertrand Books, and some amazing Iranian food. Until then, Portugal.

6 thoughts on “Ola Portugal – Again

  • Kelly and Jeff

    Sounds like you guys need our love more than usual so here it comes full bore as do we. We met for dinner last October in melide so On that note

    Dearest Families and Friends,

    We have horrible news to share but also, we have reasons to be optimistic. Bad first ; Linda has Advanced stomach cancer; GOOD news; we have a wonderfully committed oncology team and are full speed ahead for traditional chemo/immuno therapy as well as promising clinical trials. Add that to Linda being the incredibly tough cookie we all love,,we feel positive that we can figure out how to live with this bad situation,,,and we invite y’all to do what makes sense to you in summoning up a greater power to heal our Girl.

    So we have the worst in front of us, which is only good in that we now have a plan to get Linda back on track. We will periodically post updates to keep you current and already feel the love of our VERY BIG CIRCLE.

    Love and gratitude,

    Linda and Brad

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    • Oh my, Brad and Linda. You must be devastated.

      I am up late not sleeping and saw your note. We are so very sorry to hear this. Lovely Linda? Nooo! Such an amazing soul she is. You both are.

      Please keep us posted and I will do my best summoning from here for as long as it takes. Many candles and prayers coming to you from our ancient little church down The Way. We wish you both strength, healing, and peace. 🙏🥰 I don’t need to wish you wisdom. You already have it.

      All our love,

      Kelli & Jeff


  • I’ll be headed to Lisbon in 4/2023 and walking the Fisherman’s Trail with a planned trekking group. But, staying a few days in Lisbon prior. Where is this amazing Iranian restaurant? Just want to say how much I look forward to your posts every week. I’m here in Seattle and I let my mind wander with bucket list/free-flowing dreams + possibilities when I read about all you and your husband have accomplished. Thank you for sharing your life in Spain; you are an inspiration.

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