Dine and Dash

Holy Macaroni! Me and horses on the Camino. Me and horses! The last seven days have been all about the horses. Police, pilgrims, and locals on horseback. Capturing and corralling, petting and watering. I have done it all! Full service. Apparently, we are getting quite the reputation by word of mouth – from HNN – the horse news network🤣🤣.

Jeff put up two hitching posts yesterday, but after today I think we will need more. A lot more. I was recovering from a rush of people this morning that had Pilgrims lined up ten deep. It was so crazy, I pushed the panic button in the food truck and Jeff came running. He ran to the barn a hundred times as I ran out of things, took people’s money, and bussed tables. He even had to go in the house and make more waffle mix.

I was winding down a bit after replenishing the aguacate 🥑 para las tostadas, when in through the gate rode two caballeros astride their horses. They didn’t stop or dismount, but rode right up to the window.

The horses chose the Kambucha. But the riders wanted the dried fruits and nuts I sell. They had no Pilgrim credentials. They were just stamping their arms and chest with The Happiness Cafe!

If that weren’t enough, five more riders came galloping through the gate. It all happened in a flash. It takes ‘para llevar’, To-Go, to a whole new level. I will need to learn how to say ‘On the hoof?’ In español. 😉🐎

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