The Baker of El Mujandar – A Call For Beta Readers

As most of you are aware, I’m a writer. Well, a writer and a smoothie-cafe-con-leche-waffle maker, too. But, mainly, I love to write. And I am so grateful that I have all of you to read what I write. I never take that for granted.

Right now, I am finishing up a manuscript and would love to get feedback from readers. Yes, there will be typos and sentences that will leave you saying ‘What is she trying to say?’ Or ‘You could drive a truck through this plot hole!’ Perhaps that happens with the blog, too😉. But, if you might be willing to read through the book and send me feedback – it can just be ‘I hated this book’ – I would be eternally grateful. First, let me tell you a bit about the story of The Baker of El Mujandar.

This story was born when we still lived in Valencia. I read in the local newspaper, Las Provincias, about a village in the Comunidad de Valencia who was desperate for a baker. Anyone who knows Spain knows that a town without a baker is a town without bread. And a town without bread is no town at all. They were offering a full bakery with an apartment above to a qualified candidate, who was willing to move to the town. Needless to say, this story caught my eye, and my imagination.

My story is about a small town in Cordoba, at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Their old baker has died and the mayor, Don Manuel, has advertised for a new one. Like in the news story, this baker will receive a bakery and the apartment above it. But, when the new baker of El Mujandar arrives on the train, as the brass band welcomes him on the platform, it soon becomes clear that he has never baked a cookie, let alone bread, in his life. Yes, he answers to the correct name, but he is not who he says he is, and the mayor’s daughter knows it.

Cast of Characters

Xoan – The Baker of El Mujandar

Diego – Xoan’s son

Esperanza – Xoan’s lawyer

Manolo – Xoan’s best friend

Loli – The mayor of El Mujandar’s daughter

Hector – The butcher of El Mujandar

Father Sebastian – church priest

Doctor Antonio – town doctor

We all have very busy lives. Believe me, I know. So, please, no pressure. But, if you are looking for a read and are willing to be a beta reader, when I wrap things up on this manuscript, I will shoot it off to you. I have already submitted the first 3000 words to a writing competition in the UK, and it has made the first cut as a finalist. Fingers crossed it makes the shortlist. I’ve been wrapping it up in the hammock – ugh – and the the food truck, between customers. Pro tip: Waffle batter on the laptop is not a good look 😳 But, it’s time to finish this thing and see what happens 🤞

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