We won’t have well water working on Wednesday, but our coffee provider is putting in a machine to which we can add bottled water. So, it looks like Wednesday morning we will be open for a limited menu and will offer bottled water.

Since I will be back with my nose to the grindstone, I need to get in a few more fun activities that will have to take a back seat for the next few months. So, yesterday we hit Market Day in Melide.

I love Market Day. In Valencia, each neighborhood had a market day. But, in Melide, it’s big and is a bit more tailored to the wants and needs of the town.

There is a big iron monger tent. A couple of plant nurseries. And gobs and gobs of clothes. In larger cities, you wouldn’t see so many clothing and shoe vendors. There are many more choices of real shops selling these things. But in a small town, this is not the case. I like the Moroccan clothing tents, with their brightly colored flowing dresses and robes. Heaven on a hot day.

We enjoyed people watching in the shade of the plane trees.

Cut Me Some Slack

The other activity I want to spend some time learning is slack lining. This is something I have wanted to try for years, but you can’t really slack line in an apartment in the city. Jeff bought me a slack line for my birthday and he attached it between two trees. We have spent the last couple of days learning that we are older and more out of shape than we would prefer to be. You can’t fool yourself doing this. And that slack lining is harder, much harder, than it first appears. Kind of like paddle boarding in the Mediterranean. Note to self: get out my paddle board from the barn.

One essential component of learning to slack line is the ability to laugh at yourself over and over. I have this in abundance so it works well for me. And to jump away from the snap back when you fall. I have been reading that the key to longevity is balance. And the key to balance is keeping your core strong. Slack lining helps with both.

I started out about two inches above the ground and am now up to over a foot. And I have learned that in slack lining, as in life, you need to keep your eyes fixed squarely on a dot on the horizon to stay upright. If you stay focused, you might wobble, but you will get there, however slowly. And watching YouTube videos helps, too.😉

Today, Jeff is making me some balsa wood fish. I can practice my fly casting with some velcro flies. So, I have that to look forward to tomorrow. And, perhaps, driving a few buckets of golf balls. Marie Carmen should be over here any time, peppering me with questions that invariably mean something like ‘What the hell are you Americans up to, now?!’ So she can inform the other neighbors who have given us strange, questioning looks as they pass by. She is the neighborhood ambassador to the local American consulate -aka our farm. I’m pretty sure, with a bit of coaxing, I can get her up on the slack line. If just out of pride.

Yesterday, we were out there messing about. A bold Pilgrim from London came through the closed gate. They don’t do that unless they really need something. It was hot, but he had seen the sign on the bench for water for dogs and horses. Humans seemed a logical progression, I guess. And, he saw us out on the line. He wondered if he could refill his water bottle. I explained our predicament with the well, but ran to the kitchen, and handed him a large bottle of water. Then offered a rest in the shade while he cooled down and rehydrated. He chose to lay in our hammock for awhile. Took a nap.

Despite all my varied interests, I will be very happy to start up the business, again, in a couple of days. The English Pilgrim reminded me yesterday of what I love more than recreating. Being there to help people when they need it. That, along with everything else, strikes just the right balance.

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