Out For A Spin

We decided to celebrate the Día de Galicia and St. James Day with a little ride on the recumbent trikes.

Jeff is a stronger rider than I. But he waited for me at the tops of hills. And let me go in front on the downhills.

He’s considering a trike Camino next Spring. Route, tbd. And these rides are helping him determine what he will need to tweak, retool, or acquire to make the ride possible and comfortable.

People in the villages along the way, are a little more used to us. But the Pilgrims walking? Not so much.

We saw our Brazilian friend, Adrienne, on the way walking her dogs. On the ride home we stopped at their restaurant for a beverage. They own Parillada Ribeira Sacra – a much loved by locals, barbecue place right on the Camino about two kilometers from our house towards Melide. Not fancy but great food. I adore her. Never thought I would be lucky enough to meet someone more unedited than me. She makes Jeff roar with laughter. Adrienne is a gift. Kind hearted, forever smiling, and unapologetically, authentically herself. My kind of girl. And she wants a girls day out on the trikes soon.

This was the perfect way to celebrate and finish up a long holiday weekend. Feliz Feast of St James.

2 thoughts on “Out For A Spin

  • Kelli, your “Hola” sounds like a Spaniard’s !!!!! I’m a bike rider and don’t know how long I could take on those cobbles. Your video made me feel like I was on my riding mower. Keep enjoying the Spanish’s version of “Pura VIda”.

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