Good Morning, Coruña

Spent the night in Coruña and woke up to this beautiful sunrise. We are heading back to check on the house in a bit.

Last evening, we enjoyed a walk around the park at the end of the northern most peninsula of A Coruña. Our hotel is located here, as well as the Tower of Hercules – the oldest working lighthouse in the world. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century, it continues to function today. And the marine headlands upon which it sits are filled with walking paths and sculptures.

It’s about an hour walking, round trip from our hotel, with a lot of stops for taking in views and art.

As in so many Spanish cities, the entire town was out exercising on this bluff. The temperatures were ten degrees Celsius cooler than at home.

There is a Muslim memorial here in what used to be a Muslim cemetery, for those who fought and died in the Spanish Civil War. The remains were transferred to another cemetery, and this walled garden was dedicated in their memory. It is now overgrown and not well cared for. But still, striking to peek through the gate and imagine what it might have looked like.

The coastline here is more rocky than beach. When looking at property to purchase here in 2019, we were on the opposite side of this bay. Last night, Jeff and I marveled at how much has changed in our lives since then. In everyone’s lives around the world. Hard to believe so much could happen in just 2 1/2 years. But, for me, I am grateful to be here today. Spending time in this beautiful place. Reminded, again, that enjoying the moment is the most important thing. The only thing. Because, in truth, that’s all we really have.

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