I think it was that wise sage, Alanis Morrisette, who once said something like ‘Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?’ And I couldn’t agree more.

As a creative person, I am often digging deep for inspiration. But there are times when, as they say, the well runs dry. And then, there are other times when, well…the well (yes, that well) quite literally, runs dry. You guessed it, friends. On the hottest day of the year, after giving out a hundred gallons of water from our well…it gave up the ghost. No more water.

What?!? I did what I always do and I phoned Diego, my contractor. ‘We have no water.’ He did what he always does and immediately came out to the farm to walk around. This time, I offered him a cold beer when he arrived. The only other water we have is now frozen in our freezers. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be interested in walking around licking an ice cube in 45 degrees.

Diego called Miguel, who immediately came out in his own car. Then phone calls began to be made to others in our usual motley crew. But, alas, there would be no Amish barn raising of restoring our water, as I have come to expect. It seems there are bigger fish to fry right now in the local water community.

Ismael, our miracle worker of a Fontanero (plumber) is otherwise occupied at a local farm, whose well has also run dry. It seems old wells were not dug deep enough – just like ours – and the water table has dropped. 500 cows lives are in jeopardy on such a hot day. Ismael has more important things in front of him than my little water problem. We can go to the store and buy cases of water to get by. Which we promptly did. The cows cannot.

The sky is so hazy here. The two forest fires on the hill behind our house were put out a couple of days ago. 🙏 Jeff and I spent an evening watching the flames licking up the eucalyptus trees, with a hose at the ready. We went over to check on Marie Carmen and her husband as the sky filled with smoke. Helicopters put the flames out by the next day but they have smoldered for the past two days. We kept our eyes on it, still concerned about the amount of smoke billowing out of the burned trees. Diego asked me if I had seen anymore flames but I told him we were now more concerned with the deteriorating air quality. I had felt secure knowing we had water to put out the fire on our property, if needed. Now we have none. Not a drop.

On the way home from the store, with the car filled with water, the sky became Wizard of Oz black. We drove through a thunderstorm of epic proportions. Lightning and thunder so close you could feel it rumble through your chest. We ran from the car to the front porch and watched the wind and rain arrive with a scared LuLu kitten on my lap crying and burrowing into my chest. It was a spectacular storm with sheet lightening. So much static electricity built up after days of record heat. The rain was a welcome sight, as the temperature went from 45 to 25 in an hour. We sat and enjoyed the show. At least rain came with the lightening. Less chance of more fires sparking.

But this rain will not solve our water problem. Diego will get back to me but there is a possibility that a new well will need to be drilled. And, in the meantime, we have no water. That means no showers, or toilets, and no water for Pilgrims, or for iced coffees. Nothing. Yes, we have A/C. But we were still taking at least two showers a day, just to cool off after coming in from the heat.

Diego says it will take two days, once they get started with the work to restore our water. But he is not sure when Ismael will finish getting water flowing for the 500 cows on the farm. They are, of course, the first priority. So, I am shut down now from a business perspective. And, we will likely end up in a hotel this weekend to keep clean after a sweaty night last night with no AC, after the storm knocked out power – just until the drilling crew are freed up. But as the heat wave breaks, the Pilgrims won’t need our help so much. That’s the good news. And, as I watched the rain fall last night from the front porch I couldn’t help shaking my head. ‘Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.’ Alanis Morrisette really knew what she was talking about.

3 thoughts on “Well…

  • Well that just sucks. You know, I wondered about that…whether you had a well or city water when you wrote about giving free water to the pilgrims. I even said to Milito that I hope you don’t run out of water. And fires are a real threat every summer. Thank God for that thunder storm last night. We could see and hear it but it never came this far north. I hope that you get water soon. 🤞

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    • I couldn’t imagine that was even a possibility. But I am glad they are going to drill deeper do we will ultimately be better off. Imagine if the Cabins were full of Pilgrims and we ran out of water. Eek!! It’s raining here now. We are soooo happy.

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