Winning Instagram 😉

The votes have been tallied. And…wait for it…envelope please. According to the Global Academy of Random Millennial Peregrinos (GARMP) I have met in the past week, we are ‘totally, the most Instagram-able cafe anywhere on the Camino.’

I am new to Instagram. But apparently, according to the cool kids of Spain, we are all that! Our Photo Booth isn’t up and running yet, but I have surveyed those in the Instagram influencer-a-verse, and it seems that’s a killer idea!

Sometimes, I feel a thousand years old. But, I guess I’m not so lame that I can’t come up with an idea that might appeal to someone younger than a Gen Xer. Someone not past the prime of life.

People ask to take photos piled up in front of Bessie. Piled up in front of our house on the lawn. Even standing with me in the food truck. Note to self: Millennials and GenZ enjoy what I call ‘Piling and Smiling’ selfies. 🤔🤓 I hear it’s a thing that if there is no photographic evidence, it didn’t happen.

I’m not great at Social Media. But I know beauty when I see it. And it’s not a food truck. Even my food truck. This morning I watched the sunrise over the field next door. I just stood at the open door of the food truck, after all my opening chores were done, and took in the light changing. Like a painting. Photos don’t really capture it, but I tried my best.

Here you go:

I love how the light starts to creep over the horizon, revealing the golden, freshly cut field, and the hay bales. Something Monet might have painted.

Will I Instagram these? Perhaps. Yet, nothing but standing here as the birds sang in the morning, can give you a sense of the beauty. Jeff was in the barn so we missed our chance to Smile and Pile. Of course, this time of year there will be other mornings. But, likely more mornings where, as Sean Pen’s character as the photographer in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty says, ‘Sometimes I don’t take the shot. Sometimes I just sit here and experience it.’

Three Americans ladies this afternoon came and sat for awhile. When I went to get their glasses and dirty dishes I asked how they were doing.

‘We were just sitting here trying to figure out how we can have your life.’

It made me smile, as it always does. But we can take credit for none of this place. We didn’t build this house. We aren’t responsible for the nature surrounding it. Or the light that comes over the horizon each day, or the sunsets down our valley. But I agree with her. It doesn’t suck. And yet, while we own this house right now, we are really just caretakers. Fifty years from now, someone else will live here. The natural beauty will out live us. As it should No matter how many Pile and Smile selfies others take, or photos I post to Instagram. 😉

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