A Letter From the Trenches

News From the Front:

<edited by censors> Somewhere on the Camino Frances

Dear Family

Send reinforcements! Sundays are supposed to be quiet on the Camino. But they just keep coming over the wall. I’ve tried everything! The waffles and bowls of oatmeal are flying. But the demand for avocado toast is out flanking the troops. And breakfast beers? Oof! We’ve run out of the cold ones and have had to break out the breakfast cider. Send more cold beer!

Luckily, the French troops are more amenable.

‘You want a cerveza, correct?’ I asked one of their Generals. But he just scoffed – as only the French can.

‘A bit early for a beer, don’t you think?’ he chided me. ‘We are not Germans.’

I squinted. ‘So wine, then?’ Giving him my best Gallic shrug. ‘You are French. .’

He smiled. ‘Of course.’ He is civilized, after all.

Serving up a healthy pour of a decent vino tinto. No rot gut red wine at the food truck😉I wish I was a Hindu God – Shiva or Kali (not just little old Kelli). I could use the extra arms today.

I’m sad to report that I accidentally drank caffeinated coffee instead of decaf this morning, dear family, and am suffering the nasty after effects. A nervous myalgia has set in. Please ask Aunt Sally to send Camomile tea – STAT! And some soothing lavender essential oils to calm the waters and my caffeinated nervous system.

I must go. The lull in the fighting is over. I can hear their sticks clicking the pavement on the other side of the hedge, like the drums calling me to battle. My over caffeinated heart beats out of my chest, hoping none of them want a cold cerveza 🍺. Lord, please 🙏 let them be French 🇫🇷 They don’t call it the Camino Frances for nothing.

Pray for me, dear ones, as I reenter the fray. War is hell! 😉

Yours on the Camino!

The Kellster

A calm in the storm

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