Wishes Do Come True

Crazy busy right now. But wanted to post some pics of our progress towards opening this coming Friday.

I still have some trees and flowers to pot. And some table cloths to secure. And, well…- a million other things. But it’s starting to come together.

Here’s hoping Pilgrims like the selection so far. Following the old software development KISS approach. Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s stood me in good stead all these years. 🤞We will menu edit, and add as we go along.

All our new appliances were delivered last week and Jeff and I have sent loads of barn debris/garbage to the punto limpio (garbage transfer station) in Palas. The barn has been totally cleaned out and pressure washed. New shelves are up and all the vertical space is being put to good use. But there were some hidden treasures in the barn, as well. I found some cool old benches. A little TLC and some elbow grease later, they are out by the tables. I know when I walk, I don’t want to set my pack on wet grass. Jeff will make a sign Mochilas/Packs Aqui. But his new CNC machine has a problem with the motherboard. They are sending another. So we are dead in the water on all the signs, and stencils for the food truck logo, etc. But we will survive. I’m focused on go-live. Version 2.0 can wait.

A Question

For those living in Spain, or Galicia in particular, do you know what this is?

We found this in the barn. I think it’s kind of cool but we don’t know what it is. Am I supposed to spin the thing in front and ask the frog for three wishes? Cause I have a few of those queued up.

Moving on

We had a ton of people come in today hoping we were open. Even had Pilgrims knock on the front door. Holy moly, they scared me as I was in the kitchen conducting experiments. ‘Do you have rooms left. We would love to stay here.’ They asked in a very French accent. They looked tired. I hated turning them away, pointing up to the next village. ‘I’m sorry. We won’t be able to accept guests for a few more months.’ A good omen for when the cabins are built. Come on, turismo and patromonio, give us your approval for all the construction, already. 🙄

A Hulabaloo

But we are focusing on what we can do. The entire neighborhood was looking in today, including the guy who owns the big cafe up the road. We are creating a hullabaloo. But we aren’t serving anything they serve. I know avocado toast and a soy chai lattes aren’t on their menu.

We are live on Facebook @HappinessCafeontheCamino

And on Instagram @happinessonthecamino

And we officially show up on Google Maps, which kind of freaks me out a little. Google has verified we are officially the owners of this food truck. I am not sure how they accomplished this ‘verification’. Perhaps they called the corporate offices of Happiness Enterprises – our parent company. 😉 I hate that they put the pin in the middle of the property and not on the road by the gate. But, at least it’s there.

Tired. So tired. But happy, and we are in the home stretch. This week is full of delivery trucks and trips to Lugo and Santiago. But I can see the starting line up ahead, which just proves it. On the Camino, wishes really do come true.

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