It’s Your World, Giggles

Thank you everyone for your kind messages. After I wrote the previous post I slept for more than ten hours straight. Relief. I haven’t done that in a month. It feels great to let the light in and to lay down some of the weight I’ve been carrying. 🙏 On to happier topics.

In preparation for opening the food truck, we paid our insurance agent/gestor/accountant a visit. Time to make sure we are protected for liability. These guys have been invaluable since we moved to Galicia last year. Car insurance, taxes. Setting up our business and getting our business bank account set up. The business loan. They even connected us to a guy who will plow the lavender field for us – while our tractor litigation is unresolved. They are so nice. We usually go on Saturdays because it’s quieter and they have more time to spend with us answering questions, etc.

This Saturday we walked in to the office and they were abuzz. And not because it’s Spanish tax season. There was a box by the desk of our insurance agent. Our gestor was standing over it, smiling. It’s weird to see people’s faces now. We had never seen their smiles before. Really nice. And they were on full display beaming at the contents of the box.

‘My dogs had it cornered near the chicken coup. I knew we had a meeting with you and you could take it to your farm.’

Everyone here knows we don’t have a dog, because they all know we don’t have a fence. Because our property plans are in infinite turn around with the patrimonio. 🙄 And what was in the box? An Erizo. A hedgehog! Jeff was thrilled! Gift with purchase.

We concluded our business, then Jeff gathered up the box. We stopped for coffee at a cafe with our new friend, Giggles 🤭. The waitress knows us well. If I go there without Jeff she sends me home with a piece of cake for him. On the house. Bringing a hedgehog with us for coffee didn’t even make her flinch. Then we headed home to give Giggles a new home. Jeff donned gloves and did the honors as we scouted a safe spot to put him. Where he could burrow and stay safe in the brush. He was rolled into a ball, but came out as Jeff carried him around. Jeff said he was very prickly. Like a giant chestnut 🌰 (castaña) husk.

We know that he is a wild animal and not a pet. But we became strangely attached to the little guy in the short hour we were acquainted with him. For the record, we have no idea if it was a boy or girl. The office called it a He. So we did, too.

After heading back to the hardware store, then returning home, Jeff got out of the car and went to check on Giggles. But he was gone. Which is a good thing. Of course, Jeff has now researched everything there is to know about hedgehogs. Erizos eat the bugs and more bugs. They are not native to the Americas. You can only find then in Africa, Asia and Europe. The European hedgehog is the largest. Big or small, they really are cute.

Good luck, Giggles. Mi casa es su casa. Go eat all the bugs and spiders you want. The buffet is open.

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