There She Blows 🌊!!

What a day! Things can seem so difficult and crazy. Especially when you don’t understand the system of the country where you live. We met with our lawyer today about the tractor debacle. It rained cats and dogs in Santiago this morning, as we made our way to his office. Not the day you want to wear open-toed suede heels. It was sunny at home. Ugh!

At times I feel as though I am swimming in Jello (that’s American name-brand gelatin). And then, suddenly, while sitting in your lawyer’s office, something goes your way.

Last week, I was connected with a lovely couple in Santiago by a good friend who knows literally everyone. He’s like the Swiss Army knife of friends. And he has a network that reaches across continents. A true Renaissance man. I drove to Santiago and we met on Friday for a late afternoon glass of wine, while I peppered these new acquaintances with questions, and tapped into their restaurant expertise – since they run a lovely place in old Santiago. And now, I feel much better after our meeting. All the regulations and possible speed bumps on my way to opening the food truck. No pun intended. Not just because of their knowledge, but because they are both such wonderful people. How lucky I am to know them now.

‘I’m a little nervous.’ I told them. I am a foreigner in Spain, with evolving español, opening a business, with limited knowledge of the system. I am bound to stub my toe. More than once. Perhaps spectacularly. Am I crazy? <don’t answer that>

‘Why? You will do fine.’ They assured me.

They think a food truck with an unusual menu on the Camino is a brilliant idea. Especially the vegetarian part. They are both vegetarian.

And now, <deep breath> drumroll, please… The food truck is done! It’s really built and and ready to be towed home from Barcelona. The text came this morning. I was hoping it would be completed by the bridge holiday over the 17th but the manufacturer has had difficulty with all the global supply chain problems post-Covid. And the haulers strike in Spain in March and April. In the midst of all that, he really did pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Here is a video of it from a week ago. It had just been painted but was waiting for the stainless steel countertops and the external fold down shelving. But it’s done now ✔️ We painted it grey, as the Patrimonio for the Camino De Santiago has just a few colors they allow on the road. Grey, green, black or brown. Yes, it’s a food truck that can be moved, but I didn’t want to tempt their ire with a bright happy yellow. I think grey is the best of these limited choices. The Happiness Cafe branding will happen when it when it gets here. I have named her Bessie, after a great aunt who lived to be 100 yrs old. She was the most positive, optimistic person in our family. She never knew negativity or a person she didn’t like, and I need her positive vibe for this adventurous venture. I feel sure we will become fast friends.

I won’t see Bessie in person for two more weeks. Jeff and I will make the 2000km drive to Barcelona to collect her and install her by the front gate. At long last, we have forward progress. Being open by the end of June is a real possibility – baring other set backs. 🤞🙏 I can feel Aunt Bessie’s positivity already.

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