Camino Friends – GoFundMe Update

As most of you will remember, several months back we opened a GoFundMe for some friends who have a restaurant on the Camino in Melide. Fran and Conchi have struggled, like so many on the Camino, during the pandemic. Confinement, lockdowns, never-ending and ever-changing capacity restrictions and monitoring. Exhausting.

Jeff and I watched as their business dwindled to a trickle and we listened to their fear and frustration. When would this end and could they make it through until it did? So with their permission, we opened the fundraiser-although I screwed it up initially because I have never done one of these things before.

Fast forward, likely you received the email from GoFundMe that I did. It seems that Conchi and Fran, while grateful for everyone’s generosity, never took the money that was raised for them. So, even the €500 we gave is being refunded to our bank account. I have heard from several of you. It seems like all the donations, due to the time limits set by GoFundMe, are being returned.

Why? It’s completely their choice. You can’t force anyone to take the funds raised on their behalf. However, I know they were overwhelmed by the generosity shown by everyone who gave. Strangers who wanted to help strangers.

That is all I know, and now you know it. If you are walking the Camino this year, I would recommend stopping in to Casa Alongos and using the money you pledged to enjoy a delicious farm-to-table meal made to order, with accommodations for any and all personal food restrictions. Gluten-free, vegan, etc.

All mask and capacity restrictions are lifted in Spain and Galicia. Hopefully, this extraordinary Xacabeo year will help restore the fortunes of all the businesses along every route leading to Santiago. For us, most especially, we are hoping it’s the best ever for our proud friends at Casa Alongos.

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