Personal Bellwether

We all have things that make us, well, Us. Sometimes it’s big, personality defining traits. But for me, I passed a milestone today. And it’s the insignificance of it that makes it so significant.

I’m pretty sure Covid has spit the bit and run off to find a more hospitable host. Sure, I am still testing positive, but things are getting better, after a few days of backsliding where nausea was my constant companion. The taste has finally returned, but the smell has yet to make a reappearance. It will. I awoke at 8 am today. That’s a first in the past several days that have seen me sleeping 14 or 16 hour days. I would have about three hours, from noon to 3pm, of feeling almost human. Then things would go south until bedtime. Just trying to keep the room from spinning.

Today, my desire for feeling human is greater than the desire to live curled into a ball. And there are two key indicators telling me I am rapidly returning to normal.

The first was an email that got the juices flowing. Usually, I unsubscribe to marketing emails, or they go directly to a folder I bin. But one got through the net. The weather is warm here – 26 today. And the lawn needs a good mowing. Covered as it is in those little daisies. I am not up to firing up the riding lawnmower and taking care of it. But it does make me dream of days spent in the hammock. Dinners alfresco. And that rogue email tempting me was for outdoor dining furniture. Timely.

I have been laying in bed looking out the window – when awake. Listening to the birds chirping. Spring is in full bloom. It’s time to prepare my own nest for warmer weather. And a 50% off patio sale was just what the Dr ordered. Bada bing, bada boom! It’s on it’s way.

This inspired me to head out to the barn to collect a sling chair, get my favorite cushions out of the storage box and sit in the sun. A cold glass of French rose would be lovely, but I will save that for when I am feeling a bit better. Vitamin D is my best friend right now, and sitting there in the warmth, I looked down and realized I have not had nail polish on these toes in more than two years. Two years?!? What? No mani’s or pedi’s. Nothing. One of the most Me things to do.

So I treated myself, before the next wave of nap-time struck, and got out my lovely palette of Sephora nail color that I bought myself for Christmas in Salamanca, and I painted my toes Candy Apple 🍎 Red. Is it a perfect pedicure? Far from it. But the places where the red slopped onto my skin with an unsteady hand will rub off the little piggies in a day. Hey! I remember you guys! I am left gazing down at toes that will look like they belong on my feet when I recline in the hammock.

After all that activity, I’m back in bed. Ready to rest. But I lay here realizing that right now its not how much I feel up to doing today, its about the desire to do it. Mentally swapping out the winter clothes for spring and summer in my closets. Inventorying my sandals. Dreaming of my red Ferragamo straw wedges. Maybe a bit of warm weather shopping in Santiago is in my immediate future. Lingering over a long lunch outside. Freshening up the hair color. I’m ready to return to the land of the living. And if today is any indication, after a negative test in the next few days 🤞I’m closer than ever to being Me again.

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