Ukrainian Refugees – Follow up

As many will remember, a few weeks ago we volunteered the farm to house some Ukrainian refugees.

It took longer for them to get out of Ukraine than we originally thought. But they finally arrived safely to Poland. After that, instead of coming to Spain they ended up in Ireland. First, in a big convention center with hundreds of others. Then they were moved to a school gym with cots, in the middle of rural Ireland. It was very cold.

Today, the three of them are in a rural hotel five miles from a very small village in western Ireland. I think there is a bicycle to share. The Irish Authorities pick them up once a week and take them to a grocery store for supplies. Then, to add insult to injury, they all caught Covid in the midst of this. When it rains, it pours.

They were initially worried about coming to Spain because of the language barrier. But Irish English has proved to come with other challenges. Yet, Ireland or Spain are still superior alternatives to being a refugee in the UK, where the Tory government are now planning to ‘off-shore’ their refugees to ‘refugee centers’ in Rwanda. That’s in Africa. I’m not kidding. I can’t understand what has happened to the UK since 2015. It’s like the entire country has had a lobotomy, and a compassionectomy. They didn’t used to be like this. But the US is no better to refugees.

Jeff and I are very happy these three people are safe. The Irish authorities are taking care of Ukrainian refugees, and on the look out to ensure they are not exploited or trafficked. It sounds like the Irish people are also opening their hearts and homes. Countries like Ireland and Spain who have known hardship in their recent histories can relate to these people. There is no backlash against refugees here.

Anyway, for those wanting an update, that is all I know. If they need us, we are still ready to help.

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