Just a Few Pics

Over the past several days I’ve gathered some images on my walk. So I thought I would post them.

I’ve twisted my ankle seriously. Ice and Ibuprofen is helping, but favoring it means I’ve developed a nice sized blister on my left heel. My podiatry know-how is dodgy, but €30 later and some minor surgery, I’ve fashioned a moleskin tower over the blister. And I bought an ankle brace from the nicest people in any farmacia on the planet, who spent nearly a half hour fitting me correctly. Even the other customers were helpful. ‘She has walked the entire way.’ the farmacist told them. Which elicited a collective ‘Ahh’. I am so close to finishing this thing. I’ll do it if I have to crawl into Santiago.

Taken of me by a friend

This first one is me atop Cruz de Ferro. My chest looks huge, and no, walking the Camino isn’t a substitute for breast augmentation. I have a litre bottle of water in there. Along with my large rain poncho stuffed inside my jacket. The weather was so unpredictable. It was easier than taking off my pack.

I’m not a big fan of the ever increasing graffiti and defacing of the Camino by Pilgrims. It seems bringing a fat black permanent marker on your Camino and writing your grievances on the granite markers or way signs is growing in popularity. But other signs I love. Encouragement is always welcome.

I stayed in an Albergue that was more Zen than one would expect on a historically Christian pilgrimage. But I loved it. And the host was such a gentle, kind man. His presence was like instant Prozac. I slept like a baby.

Getting up today, I will go slow. But slow just means I will take in more views. Until next time.

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