The Art of León

Adiós Leon! Time to hitch up my giddy-up and get back on the trail. The rest did me a world of good. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is the best medicine.

At sunrise this morning

After doing my laundry at a local lavandaria, I laid in bed, watched terrible tv, and took a hundred naps. For dinner last night I ordered up Glovo and had a poke bowl. Heaven. I miss having food delivery on the farm, so I took advantage of being in Leon to scratch that itch.

Knowing yesterday would be a true rest day, I did my tourist stuff in the old city. Touring the Leon cathedral, which I have never done before. And hitting a couple of other churches and museums.

It’s a massive building. Remarkably, this enormous gothic church was built in just a few decades, rather than the centuries it took other cathedral construction to be completed. An enormous undertaking considering there were only 5,000 people residing in León at the time.

So I hit the most iconic tourist attraction in the city, and got a stamp for my efforts. But what I didn’t notice the first time I came to León was that this is a city of art. And it is quite literally everywhere. And that isn’t hyperbole. It’s every 50 meters. So much to see.

I was walking to the lavandaria (laundromat) and passed a carneceria (meat market) when I noticed they weren’t just selling meat. The place was chock full of paintings and sculptures.

So you can purchase some lamb chops or jamón. And, oh yeah, a side of art. I love it! The butcher and his wife were very friendly and they showed me their other pieces. Sadly, I told them none of it would fit in my backpack and they laughed. But were happy to hear I live in Galicia and will be back.

León deserves more than the attention of a tired Pilgrim. A long weekend here is in my future. With a stop off at my now favorite meat market for a haunch of art! Until next time, León.

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