Bladerunner Orange Skies and Blood Rain

The weather forecast called for sun yesterday. A welcome relief from the weather we have been having. And it tried to come out. It really did.

Its was sunny yesterday morning in Santiago. And then it wasn’t. The entire train trip was ‘cloudy’. But it wasn’t clouds. It was dust blown up from the Sahara desert on warm winds. And it was orange. From my window on the train I could see the outline of the sun through the haze. But it never penetrated it.

Arriving in Pamplona, it was warm. Too warm for the clothes I had donned in the morning in Galicia. And yet, the warm air was filled with dust. I am still wearing my N95 mask, even outside in crowded places, although its not longer required in Spain outside for Covid. And thats a good thing now that the air quality is rated dangerous in some areas south. And it is moving north.

Tomorrow the rains are supposed to arrive. Mud rains or blood rains, depending upon your location. The sticky, red sand will coat everything. I remember this from Valencia. We would see it on the sidewalks for weeks after. My washing machine on the utility balcony covered in the stuff.

Those of us with asthma or respiratory issues have to take special care in these instances. So I will wear my mask while walking today. They are advising no outdoor sport without one.

You can read more about it here. I was surprised seeing a photo of Valencia’s Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias in the article. Then a friend in Santiago sent me this photo. In just a few hours after I left on the train the city was engulfed.

Today is my last morning waking up in a nice hotel. At least for awhile. I’ll enjoy my buffet breakfast, then pack up and head out to Uterga and on the Puenta la Reina. Slow and steady. To my friends all over Spain, stay healthy amongst the dust. Hopefully relief is on the way. Never thought I would be so happy to see heavy rain in the the forecast. Raining blessed mud down on all of us.

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