Adiós Portugal 🇵🇹

Our quick trip is done. We drove back last evening. But not before spending the day in Nazare. A lovely beach town with a lot to see and do.

Like most small towns in Portugal, Nazare is both old and new. The old part is on a cliff above the new town, which is still a few hundred years old. We parked up top and explored. the main square in the old village is filled with tourist stuff and restaurants. The cliffside is wearing away. Not very health and safety compliant. 😉

Then we took the funicular down the hill to the beach. €4 round trip.

You can see how Portuguese towns are more tiled and colorful than their Spanish cousins. And much less graffiti than in Spain.

The beach boardwalk was packed. Lunchtime meant fighting for a table in the warren of streets. It was a warm sun with a cold wind. A confusing combination. Jacket, no jacket.

Then a walk down to the lighthouse and a tour of the surf exhibit celebrating this world renowned spot for the biggest waves in the world. From November to March surfers come from all over the world to this little town to catch a wave – the big one. The museum is €2 and it’s worth it for the views from the top.

What truly makes Portugal so special is the people. Low key, kind and helpful. I’ve never felt rushed or been turned away when needing something. A special place.

Home now, ready for a packed week. Portugal was just what I needed to recharge my batteries for this next stretch. Until next time, Portugal.

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