Making It Happen

We’ve only been back a couple of days and things are moving right along. Forward progress. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. Other times it all seems to come at once.

All our tractor implements are here, at last. Now we are just waiting for, Lola, the tractor to be delivered. Perhaps it will distract Camino Hot Dog Boy for a little bit. He can plow something. Get the garden ready.

A Soft Place to Land

Our new sofa was delivered yesterday. We ordered it back in November. But it turns out the factory decided to add some features they thought we would want. ‘An upgrade’ which I did not want. The delivery guy pulled a Vanna White gameshow hostess, trying to demonstrate the added features of the redesigned couch. All in furious español. I was tracking, which speaks well of my rapidly increasing Spanish, but it did little to endear me to the disco sofa, as I have now dubbed it. On top of it being wrong, the guy wasn’t a genius. He had attached the feet incorrectly so it sat up a foot off the ground. I was incredulous. He insisted it looked good, inviting me to sit on it while my legs dangled, not touching the floor. I looked like Edith Ann on the show Laugh In, from the 1960’s and 70’s. That most iconic of Lily Tomlin’s iconic characters.

Jeff laughed. ‘This guy has a death wish.’ he said out loud.

But I was nice, if firm, about it, and called Ramon at the store. Yes, we have a sofa, but they are making me a new one. I am grateful we have something to sit on, but will be happy when the right one comes – end of March or beginning of April.

It Won’t Drive Itself

It seems everything is converging for that timeframe. The proposal from the food truck fabricator arrived. Once we sign, it will be ready around that same time. Then we have to drive to Barcelona and pick it up. And we can test out our new trailer hitch for the first time over several sets of mountain passes. Fun! I know Jeff is really looking forward to that. NOT! But it won’t tow itself home.

‘Just what want to do. Tow a food trailer through the traffic in Madrid.’

I wonder how Camino Hot Dog Boy plans to get his hot dog stand home 🤔

Warm Socks and Other Stuff

Our new dryer arrived today. They told us not to expect it before the end of the month. Amazing. Spain’s super power is supply chain and delivery. If they could harness that in the other sectors they would take over the world. Jeff is going to temporarily hook it up and vent it in the barn. I’m just excited imagining it. This weekend I will be washing and drying all our blankets and towels. You can think of me rolling around on a warm blanket, smiling. Like I did when I was five years old. Warm sheets and socks. After four years. It shall be glorious!

Our contractor, Diego, is swinging by to go over the new drawings and review the permits. Including the new government grants just announced for improvements to homes on the Camino. Promoting energy efficiency and the like. We will be applying for several grant schemes for new windows, solar, and heating.

We’re In Business

And finally, our new official business license was delivered by Correos yesterday. It came direct from the Tributaria. It’s important enough that I had to sign for it. This means we will be taking a little trip to the Cash Record in Melide this weekend. Cash Record is the wholesale food market, but you have to have a business license to get in. It should be interesting navigating shopping there for the first time, knowing absolutely nothing of the rules and how it works. I will bring my plastic business folder but I will fail epically. I already know this. As Jeff stands five feet behind me and pretends he is a 6ft 3in Spanish unicorn, and that he has no idea who I am. That’s OK. I’m prepared for this in all circumstances. But this week, I am busy moving this ball down the field. And that’s all that matters.

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