A Little Help For Our Friends On The Camino

Update: We spoke to Conchi and Fran last evening. They appreciate everyone’s generosity. What they really want, more than money, is to have everyone come to the restaurant when you are visiting the area, or walking the Camino. Stop in, order their wonderful dishes, and say hi! You won’t be disappointed by the food when you do!


After my post about our friends, Conchi and Fran, and their restaurant on the Camino, so many of you sent me messages of support for them. Asking how you could help. It made me smile. What a wonderful community we have on this blog.

As a reminder, Casa Alongos is a small, family run restaurant in Melide, Galicia right on the Camino Frances. Conchi and Fran were the first people to welcome us to this community with open arms. They have helped us through plumbing disasters, recommending invaluable resources to help us get through our first months in a house with spotty electrical and sometimes no water. And fed us, even after the kitchen was closed. Salt of the earth, kinder, more giving people you will never meet. And they just need a break. Something to go their way after the past two years.

After all the questions about offering help, I didn’t want to do anything until I checked with Conchi and got her OK. She gave me the green light a few days ago, but no one needs me in the middle of this. The funds should go directly to them. So I have set up a GoFundMe for them and include the link here. I’ve donated to fundraisers via GoFundMe but I’ve never set one of these up before, so I hope I did it right.

As a Pilgrim community, I know we are changed by the experience of walking to Santiago. No matter which route, or where we start. And it’s often people we meet along the way who help soften our edges and transform us. Conchi and Fran have been part of the Camino story for so many. 🙏Thank you to everyone here who reached out and offered to help such good people.

Buen Camino

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