First Foot Forward

Just a few days into the New Year. We spent the weekend easing into it.

Saturday felt like a little walk on the Way was required. This time we left home and wandered back towards Palas de Rei.

From the stream you can tell we’ve had a bit of rain lately. This little creek was a trickle last summer. Nearly dry. But not these days.

Yesterday we headed into Santiago to attend a church service, listening to our Scottish friends, John and Stephen playing and singing. The church was quite full, and we were surprised before the service when John broke out a into stirring rendition of America the Beautiful in our honor on the church organ. Being the only Americans in the congregation, I am pretty sure no one else noticed what the song was.

Then we joined them for lunch. This little restaurant is lovely and the staff are wonderful. We enjoyed the tasting menu. My favorite course was the wild boar. This former stable will be a wonderful place to sit in the courtyard under the grape arbor enjoying a little vino rosado on a hot summer day.

And we learned about New Year traditions in Scotland. Apparently, two days are not enough for the Scots. They celebrate for three days – so we were able to participate right under the wire. Hogmanay is what we call New Years Eve. And after the bells finish tolling at midnight, Scottish people rush to their neighbors to gift them with three things. It’s called first-footing and brings good luck for the year to the household. These gifts include shortbread, whiskey, and a lump of coal. Ensuring a sweet, joyous and warm year ahead. And John and Stephen gifted us with these three things to bless our new ventures on the farm this year. Apparently, John has an excellent track record of bestowing and predicting luck. He sees great things for us in 2022. We will cross our fingers. 🤞

The truth is we are already lucky. But I don’t think there can be luck in the absence of gratitude. And we are so grateful for everything in our life these days. Of course, people like John and Stephen are a blessing. But so are the incredible highs and the deep lows of the last year. Because, I believe it’s in between these two where the joy resides. And our lives are filled with joy these days. But Jeff and I will gladly take the Scottish Hogmanay insurance policy, nonetheless. 😉 We can all use a wee bit of extra luck.

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