Merry Christmas, All 🎄🥂

We awoke to the sunrise and blue-ish skies today. None of the fierce storm they predicted any where in sight.

Yesterday I had to go into Santiago to a long awaited appointment with a specialist. 4 pm on Christmas eve. We wouldn’t have been out and about if I didn’t need to see this Doc. It’s an appointment I had already delayed from when Emilie was supposed to be here. I couldn’t put it off any longer. Where the Dr office is located it seemed like all the residents must have been vanished. Not a person on the street. Jeff was with me and he remarked on how deserted it was. Not even a child outside on a balcony. Or a dog barking. Nothing. Coming back through Arzua and Melide after dark was the same. Normally, even in pandemic times the streets are teeming on a holiday. I think everyone is spooked.

I had wanted to go to the church in Melide for Christmas eve services but decided it was best to give it a miss. Lighting a candle at home, while less festive, works too.

And we are celebrating here on the farm. Jeff and I don’t usually exchange gifts at Christmas. We always focused on our kids and making Christmas magical for them. Although, one year Jeff did surprise me with a new car with a big red bow on the hood. But it seems Santa didn’t forget me this year. I awoke this morning to a couple of gifts under our tree.

As we turn the page from 2021 to 2022, we are starting to prep for our new food truck, etc. I’ve been purchasing some things as I get ready to test out recipes for The Happiness Café. Jeff must have been channeling this in his Christmas shopping. Nothing says Christmas like a meat cleaver.

And he ordered me a map of all routes of the Camino as they converge across Northern Spain. I love it.

‘We can frame it and I’ll put an arrow showing where we are. You can put it up on the food truck.’ Jeff told me.

Very thoughtful. And today I will use my new knife for our non-traditional Christmas Chinese stir-fry, paired with some Spanish cava (sparkling wine). I have a new cast iron wok and all the ingredients for a healthy Christmas meal. The cleaver will come in very handy.

We’ve already been out to spread some Christmas cheer with the neighborhood horses. Special apples on Christmas morning had them running to the fence at full gallop. I think they appreciated my new Christmas pajamas. 🎅

We hope you are all enjoying a lovely, safe, warm Holiday wherever you are. May the spirit of the season infuse us all with more kindness and compassion to carry us through the next year. Towards ourselves and others. The world needs it more than ever. And so do we. Merry Christmas, everyone. Peace ☮️

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