A Deep Breath

Well that was fun. Not really. After the last 36 hours of extreme drama, Emilie’s feet never left US soil. You heard that correctly. Emilie remains in the US with her boyfriend.

Before you, dear readers, become concerned about us, just know we are in full support of Emilie staying right where she is. And her working through what she needs to. It’s all ok. And so are Jeff and I. Clearly, we are disappointed. But sometimes things happen.

It is said that the reason for so much pain in humans is a lack of acceptance of reality. It causes a conflict within us as we wish it weren’t so. When we accept it, we can move past it over time. Fight it, and we never move on. It’s the grieving process. In this case, Jeff and I just sat here, granted in shock, and immediately said ‘OK. Like so many circumstances, there is nothing we can do. We can only try not to add to furthering the drama.’ And that is just what we have done. You mourn the loss of how you thought it would go. Allow the disappointment to wash over you. Then you move forward. That’s pretty much our last two years. We know how to do it.

I always try to focus on the upside. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort. But we do have a house whose to-do list (other than major renovations) was long. And now? Most of that stuff got ticked off. In preparation of Emilie’s imminent arrival we had gone to town getting it all done so she would be comfortable. And now, we will spend the winter focused on getting our business up and running for Spring. Instead of all the little things that needed our attention, we will refocus.

It’s lovely to believe in fairytale endings. That a theme song will suddenly play to pull at your heartstrings and make everything OK. But that isn’t real-life. Usually, we take a deep breath, or two, and we look forward, towards the horizon. That’s where the future is, after all. And we keep going. In the end, it’s the only thing we can do.

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