Salamanca – Numero Dos

Back in Salamanca for the night. And it’s lovely to be welcomed in the Hotel Don Gregorio so very warmly. It’s a five star boutique hotel nestled in the old historic center, near the university and the Cathedral. Although, Salamanca is a very walkable city. Everything is close.

Hello, welcome-to-the-hotel glass of champagne. I have missed you. A blessed respite from a very long week. But I met some wonderful incredible people over the past eight days. Laia and Letizia. Maria gave my friend, Donna and I a ride from the resort into Salamanca on the way home to Madrid. So we had the entire day in the city before I head home tomorrow. And we made the most of it.

My new hat purchased from a village shop in La Alberca

I had toured the Cathedral last week but apparently I missed the cloisters, and that ended up being the best bit. Here are a few pics from the building from the 12th century.

Then we hit the Art Deco Museum. Photos aren’t allowed but we took some photos in the small cafe filled with art. The light was amazing.

I can not recommend this museum enough. It’s the largest collection of art from the Art Decco period I have ever seen. They have an amazing exhibit of the art of Toulouse-Lautrec. The most I have ever seen in one place. The stained glass in the atrium alone will make you cry.

A wonderful catch up with my Irish friend, Donna, who I first met in Valencia nearly four years ago. Time has flown by since we moved to Galicia. Too long, by half.

Its time for siesta before a Michelin- starred dinner at an appropriately Spanish hour of 9:30. I must say, it’s wonderful to be surrounded by Spanish again. I missed it. Like a favorite song playing in the background of my life now. Galicia is hours away, but I already feel like I’m home.

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