A Little of This and That

We are under construction- or demolition more like. Trapped upstairs as they jackhammer our old fireplace and pitch it into a truck parked on the lawn.

Very traditional Galician country fireplace

This was the photo from the real estate listing. So that stuff isn’t ours. Nor the IKEA light fixture. But you can see this gigantic fireplace dominates the entire room, yet it’s amazing at heating both the entire downstairs and the upstairs. I’d like a little less brick, stone and copper.

Our new fireplace will be sleek modern white stucco and have built-in book shelves on either side. My dream house would be bookshelves on every wall. The walls will be a dove grey and the new floor will be polished concrete, but they won’t do the floor until next year as it requires us to move out for four months to add underfloor heating. And I can’t make myself do that right now.

This winter Jeff is constructing an office in the barn. He’s going to add a room for us so we have a warm space while they do the flooring.

They are putting on the new roof starting tomorrow, and the black rain gutters. This will match nicely with the black framed windows. Eventually, I want French shutters but I haven’t found the perfect ones yet so they will have to wait.

They’re moving our well pump into the laundry out building, and replacing it. Just in time, too. It started going out the moment I got home last week. Water issues always happen whenever we return from a trip. I swear. Even in Valencia.

So we are living in a construction zone for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we did an interview with Leigh Brennan, who runs the YouTube channel The Camino Cafe. It’s geared towards the pilgrim and all things Camino related. She just posted it. If you want to check it out you can do so here. We had fun talking with her a few weeks ago. Reminiscing about my Camino in 2017 and talking about moving to Spain and living on the Frances. If you have any appreciation for the production value, you can thank Jeff. As per usual his attitude is ‘If you’re gonna do it…’ One slight correction. I misspoke and showed my age. I had my cafe logo designed in The Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia (which no longer exists). Sorry about that. 😉

Anyway, time for ear defenders and some Paracetamol to combat the headache from the jackhammering. Jeff’s conference calls should be very interesting today. 😳

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