On the Other Side of Unexpected

Life is filled with the unexpected and wonderful. Sometimes you don’t have to go looking for it. It finds you.

Last evening, after all the other Peregrinos had gone by for the night, we had two cyclists who popped in. They asked if they could park an RV on the property. I said ‘Of course.’’ Because, of course. A phone call later and a large vehicle pulled in with their wives and children.

Lovely people, Fermin and Mari and their friends spent the evening with us. Their young daughter speaks ingles, but we found that our Spanish got better. It’s amazing! They broke out the Galician liquor in a bottle that resembled potions from Harry Potter. I’m pretty sure the stuff will cure a cold, cancer or strip the paint off your car. Holy Moly! The label should read Will allow you to speak Spanish instantly 100% guaranteed. Combined with the rum and coffee they whipped up, our español seemed to slip from it’s hiding place in our brains and we were able to discuss, in Spanish – on a rudimentary level – our history in Spain, a little politics, where they live (in Madrid and Pontevedra), our time living in Valencia, and a bit more. We even spoke with their Tia back in Colombia via FaceTime. Her ingles is perfect.

Lets face it, they were very patient with us and our sad language skills, and pathetic verb conjugation. But on the way to bed Jeff laughed. ‘Wow! Apparently, you speak Spanish.’ I guess I do. My brain was so stimulated I had a difficult time sleeping, laying there and thinking about the words I could have used. Practicing with real people makes all the difference. Even Jeff, who speaks to Americans in english all day back in the US, said he was understanding more and more as the conversation continued towards midnight. Overall, it was a lovely evening with new friends.

This morning, before they headed out, we showed them our recumbent trikes, and Fermin and Johnny took them for a little spin. I think we have a couple of new trike enthusiasts on our hands. And we’ve been extended an invitation for a dinner at their home in Pontevedra.

I used to be the consummate planner. Someone who scheduled everything weeks and months in advance. I like certainly. There have been times in our marriage when it has driven Jeff to distraction. Jeff has always been the person who likes to take life as it comes. Vacations with no agenda are his favorite. But since moving to Spain, Galicia even more so, and as I get older I see the value in spontaneity. In the power of letting go and allowing things to unfold as they should. Naturally. And last night is another example, reinforcing that there is beauty in the unexpected. And new friends might just be on the other side.

Update: These are the amazing gifts our new friends brought to our door before they headed out today. Veggies from their garden, fresh herbs and homemade jams. Incredible. I was so touched.

What a bounty

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