The Vaccine Looks Good on You

It just buzzed! The summons for my first shot just came through. I could kiss that lady at the Social Security office in Lugo! This sister is gettin’ the jab! And I am in love with Sergas – the Galician Health System. I’ll admit to being a little misty about it.

My new favorite government agency

Jeff’s SMS only contained his health number. But not in my summons. Mine just had my three initials, and it took me a moment to understand what I was seeing. Many people in the US called me by those three initials instead of my first name. Both personally and professionally. I sign emails and documents with just three letters. It’s funny that the Health system did it here, too. Felt a bit more personalized. Finally, they can see me. I might just get a tattoo of this QR code! It’s that beautiful.

This time I’ll make Jeff drive and run the gauntlet before paying the €0,70 to park in the dirt field six blocks from the entrance to the HULA. We’ve got it down now. At 8:32 am on Wednesday the 2nd of June 2021, I will join the ranks of the vaccinated. Well, with the first dose anyway. They will summon me again three weeks later for the second one.

There are COVID long haulers in several groups in the US who say some of their symptoms disappeared after getting the Pfizer vaccine. 🤞 I hope that is what I get. Just like Jeff. The relief of some of these symptoms sounds pretty good to me. Swelling up like a balloon on a regular basis is something I could learn to live without.

We will both be fully vaccinated by July 4th – American Independence Day. Seems about right. And at the end of July is my birthday. A maskless celebration dinner on a terrace is a possibility now. The Xunta de Galicia is talking about relaxing mask rules for the fully vaccinated in outdoor spaces in July. Our Covid numbers are so low in the community.

The prospect of getting the jab seems a little surreal. But it’s here, at last. I’ll convince Jeff I mean it this year when I say that I don’t need anything fancy for my birthday. No red soled shoes, a Kelly bag, or jewelry. The vaccine is the thing all the cool kids are wearing these days. It’s the most exclusive thing I’ve wanted for a very long time. And, like Cinderella, I bet it fits just right.

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