A Flashback

This week, we’re getting everything ready to move to Galicia. The moving company will be here bright and early on Monday to pack us up. But the world keeps turning and there is a lot going on.

In Europe, we are still dealing with the aftermath of Brexit and all the consequences of what that means. But no where are they dealing with this boondoggle like they are in Northern Ireland. Rioting and protests because of Brexit are breaking out in every city. Only this time, it’s more the Unionists who are railing, rather than the Republicans. But the images look very similar to what they looked like 30 and 40 years ago.

We spent 3 weeks at Christmas of 2018 in Ireland and Northern Ireland after moving to Spain the previous March. We wanted cold weather at Christmas, and we got it. So, instead of rewriting our reflections on our experience on the island, I thought I would post links to how we saw Ireland back then. And what it felt like to be there to listen to the people, and their history. And why, while no Brexit voter seemed to consider the disastrous ramifications of Brexit to Northern Ireland and the relationship with the Republic of Ireland, it was on everyone’s minds in Christmas of 2018. And it’s all front and centre now. And the situation today is at a boiling point with far reaching implications. I would say it’s sad. But in reality, it’s tragic.

Here you go:

Derry: Two Sides One City

Derry on the Uptick

Ireland’s Tragic History

They say Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. It seems UK Tory politicians are not well educated, or they didn’t do their homework. Or maybe, they just didn’t care. Which is worse. I pray, solutions will be found to stop this from getting worse.

Note: You’ll need to forgive me as I did all my posts on my phone during that trip. So the photos and the formatting will be wonky.


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