We´re Almost There

The cavalry is coming! This weekend the Valencian Community government announced the plan for mass vaccinations to begin! Yes, I´m using a bunch of exclamation points today because it´s very exciting!! At last, we know the roadmap out of the pandemic. This one, at least.

Vaccination site as only Valencia could

The City of Arts and Sciences will be transformed into an outdoor, though tented, field vaccination centre. The National Health service will notify people via text and phone as to their date and time for coming in to get the jab. They´ve already done nearly all the people in adult care homes and the staff who care for them. Medical personnel, police, firefighters, etc. are getting it now. Soon, the rest of the adult population will be innoculated.

Our age group will get the Astra Zenika. Jeff is nót happy about this after doing a bunch of research, but something is better than nothing We would prefer to get the Phizer, which is stronger against the variants that we fear so much. But who know? When it comes time to get it they´ll take preexisting conditions into account and we have a handful off those, so we may get Phizer, after all.

The government is estimating that 70% of the Valencian community will be vaccinated by September. At that time, they´ll start doing children so they´ll be able to go back to school like they usually do. Normality is in view!

For those who can´t leave their homes they will go and vaccinated them there. For those with transportation issues, they´ll be providing dedicated buses to outlying areas to come into the city to get it done. And there will be a few field hospital locations for places like Requena and the outlying areas more than an hour away. It´s happening! Its really happening!

Of course, by the time we are due to get the jab in Valencia, we will be moving to Lugo. So likely we won´t be getting it here, but we are happy to know that all our friends and even acquaintances will be protected. Cafe´s will reopen without fear. Strolling and doing a bit of window shopping will take on a whole new level of freedom. No more scurrying outside and scurrying back indoors. I can almost see real smiles again and the feel of fresh air on my cheeks.

We are still in semi-lockdown this week. As of next Monday the closure of Valencia city on weekends will end. They council are considering opening terraces and outdoor service at bars. The curfew for sports without a mask will also end. The third wave is waning but we´re still at level 3 – high risk. Semana Santa (holy week) is coming starting at the end of March. We´re all hoping it´s not like another Christmas that kicked off the third wave. This time the variants are scarier.

With mass vaccinations so close, I hope people will take heed and remember that with a little more sacrifice we can get to the other side. Maybe holding out that Fallas carrot in October might just do it. We´re almost there.

4 thoughts on “We´re Almost There

  • Are they vaccinating kids in Valencia?! My understanding is that the vaccines we have at the moment are not suitable for under 16’s. Here in Galicia they’ve started vaccinating teachers this week.

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    • They aren´t yet. We are hearing it will be September, but teachers are going to be a group to next get the mass vaccinations and that likely they´ll all get the Astra Zenika one. But nothing is for sure yet . Emilie is in the US staying at my Mom´s. She hasn´t been allowed into Spain since last March but they are doing a weird vaccine process there. She´s 19 now so she can get any vaccine and her job did the vaccines for employees. I¨m not sure what the solution is for kids under 18 yet. Haven´t heard.


        • I’m wondering what we will get. Pretty sure it will be up in Galicia when the time comes. We have some pre-existing stuff so I think we may get the Phizer one. It´s like tracking Fantasy Football in the US. We need spreadsheets and new reports from across Spain to record the pace and the groups and the methodologies. Different areas are taking different tactics. I´m sure it will all evolve as we continue to learn more. My biggest concern, once we get to Lugo province is how we´ll register with the local social security to get on the list.


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