No Super Hero

Alas, I have no magical powers. Nothing that helps me take flight or shoot lasers from my eyes. My cape – if I ever had one – is long gone. Turns out I’m a mere mortal.

Like so many, I have believed I could reason myself out of anything. Muscle through it. But sometimes that doesn’t work. And my ‘Just watch me. I’ll show you.’ attitude isn’t my friend.

Turns out my insistence on leaving the hospital was pure folly. My heart held me up long enough to get me to be fingerprinted at the police station in the freezing cold. Its been steadily downhill since then. And I practically gave Jeff a heart attack too, with all the worry I’ve caused him. Of everything thats what I’m most sad about.

The nurses at this hospital welcomed me back. Literally ‘Welcome Back.’ So they all know me. Hopefully my last stay wasn’t infamous. I should never have left. My stubbornness is not serving me well. Its time to surrender.

My inability to accept reality has done me real harm. So I’m going to stop doing that. I know folks worry when I don’t post but I’ll be on a break while I sit in this hospital and do whatever they tell me to do, without complaint.

Our plans for 2021 are just starting to cook. But as they say, an arrow must be pulled back before it can fly. Sometimes backwards is the best friend of forwards. In this context I’m the arrow. Time for me to no longer resist the bow.

I’ll be back. Who knows? Jeff might have something to say while I’m away. Just know that I am grateful for all the of you and wish you many blessings in 2021. We have some adventures to take together this year. Don’t lose faith. They’re right around the corner.

6 thoughts on “No Super Hero

  • I know how difficult it must be to surrender to that. Your new job is to rest, and listen to your nurse and doctor friends. All the best to you in recuperating … in whatever time it takes. The arrow analogy is so good … perfect for your situation here, and so many others that may come up. Just keep taking care of yourself. 😊

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  • I wish you the very best!
    Today feels like December 250th of a never-ending 2020–the earth has been knocked off its axis.
    Stay away from the news—it doesn’t get any better—and concentrate on your health. Your stubborn determination just needs to be put on hold—not extinguished—as it will serve you well another time!
    Healing vibes sent!

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  • I’m glad you are taking care of yourself and very grateful that you let us know. We’ll look forward to a word or two from Jeff so we continue to know all is okay. Best of luck in the ‘taking it easy’ area. If you’re not feeling horribly sick, it’s a tough thing to do. Sending good juu-juu. Hahahahaa – I’m not sure if you really want some of that from the U.S. right now as it might be tainted?! Hahahaaa

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