It’s All Good

After a tiny flurry of excitement I’m doing fine. No worries. Not a big deal. It could have been so much worse than taking meds, having nurses check and monitor stuff (because hospitals are no place to get rest), and lots more repeated tests. But it seems all the urgency, and scolding I received, paid off. So thats good.

Turns out, driving cross country for hours and hours in yoga pants? Yeah, not recommended by my Dr. Sorry Lululemon.

‘But they’re for yoga.’ I told him. ‘Yoga is healthy.’

I got an eye roll for my troubles.

‘Were you doing yoga while you were driving across the entirety of Spain?’ Eyebrows raised.

We both knew the answer. In Castilla-La Mancha I had actually tried. So it probably wasn’t Covid related. I likely did this to myself. A fashion injury. The worst kind. The clothes don’t just don’t just try to kill you, they bruise your ego on the way out.

So I’ll have to follow strict instructions over the next several months (like I haven’t had to do that this year), take meds carefully, watch out for side effects (try not to run into anything or get cut since my blood won’t clot well on this stuff), and a few other things. Jeff is hiding the knives. But its not the end of the world.

In the grand scheme its kind of a nothing burger. Sure, it could have been bad, but it wasn’t. It’s a good thing, too. I have stuff to do purchasing my new 2021 wardrobe in neutrals. I hear white compression socks are all the rage this season🤪 Good thing its almost winter. And the upside, I learned a pro-tip: Never drive or fly long-haul in yoga pants. Who knew? Information is power.

Only 48 days left in this god-forsaken year. I’ll mark every one of them off, counting down until its finally over. Yoga pantless. But it’s all good.

11 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  • Looking for cute compression socks? Sockwell. They are a lot of fun. I finally traded the ones I used for flying to the cute ones. Slightly easier to pull on.

    That said, this is a good reminder for me. Since all of the fires starting in mid-August and the horrendous smoke that has continued to greatly impact our air quality, I’ve stopped my daily walking. Which means a lot of sitting. Maybe this is the kick in the butt to get back to walking that I needed.

    Yes, the 2020 countdown is in effect. We will be so glad to end it! I’m glad yours is something that can be addressed at home. Be safe!

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  • Oh, what a relief it’s ok!! My husband has had 1 DVT and 2 bouts with pulmonary embolisms, so is now on blood thinners for life (he got his second PE after flying from Seattle – PHX even though he had taken a shot of some blood thinner before the flight). His doc explained that it was some sort of blood protein issue. Very scary stuff!! Hopefully yours dissolves quickly. I know what you mean about the stress of just *one more thing*. It’s a lot. Hang in there!

    I’m more than a bit curious about why the yoga pants contributed to it?

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    • Tight clothing and sitting in one position for hours at a time, apparently. I had on the tight yoga pants that come up really high and my Doc Martins. Was wearing them on when I went to the Dr. and they’re super tight at the ankle so it was hard for me to pull them up so the Dr could look at my Achilles. Its why they had to strip them off at the ER. Both Drs asked if I was wearing them or similar during the drive. Sitting for extended periods or hospitalization can cause it. I knew about that from being hospitalized before. But I didn’t know that tight yoga pants can cut circulation. Seems counterintuitive since they’re exercise pants. The Dr said never wear tight clothing when you know you’ll be sitting for hours in one position – like flying or driving. Next time I’m wearing Jeff’s pajamas. 👀


      • He is on Xarelto, which doesn’t require any dietary restrictions. Before his second PE he was on Coumadin and did have to watch the Vit K. That obviously wasn’t working (even with the shot of Lovenox before that flight where he ended up with the second PE) but the Xarelto has worked like a charm. When he gets cut he actually clots better than I expected – but he’s only had very minor nicks. (Knock wood!) Very scary stuff tho.

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  • That is good news!! My daughter in the US has the clot in her leg too. She is doing the same as you, the socks, special diet, meds etc. She had to stop working though, so that is a problem but otherwise doing well living with a clot right now.
    A ‘fashion injury’ 🤣 good one

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