My Cup Runneth Over

Kelli has left the building! Whew! Let’s hope my drive today is javali-free. Fingers crossed. But I’ve enjoyed my time in Lugo. Staying two weeks has been educational and I’ve been able to get the lay of the land. Yesterday I went and explored the greater surrounding area before looking at the final house. I have pictures and videos to show el Jefe and decisions to make.

I also got some good news. Our Valencian landlord messaged me. They have decided not to sell the apartment. Apparently the middle of a pandemic hasn’t coughed up viewings or interest and perhaps waiting is best. It’s no wonder. I’m probably the only person looking to move right now. We’re lucky we don’t have a property to sell. If our purchase was contingent it might not go through until 2022. Our lease was up in January anyway, but now we will sign a new lease that allows us to leave anytime with a 2 month notice. Since the lawyer here in Lugo said that depending on the conditions of the land documents – certificates – it might take upwards 6-7 months to close. We should be prepared. I’m not interested in buying a property with the caveat that the sellers ‘fix their documents’ with a land office sometime in a nebulous future. Nope. It needs to be done before we sign. Now the pressure is off to pack up. We can have a peaceful Christmas and take a breath.

In Melide, I spent the day with my friend, Conchi, at her cafe, with 3 French Peregrinos who walked from Toulouse. 1000 km from their front door. Last time we were here the Lady Bug mural was just starting. Now it’s all done. I love it. Over lunch we were all glued to the television reporting the US election all day/all the time, and in full agreement on the dangerous situation in the US. The world holds it’s breath. They are all visibly afraid. Europe knows what life is like under fascisms. It’s why the EU was born – to ensure it never happens again. They need the US to stand with them or it’s all over. They said they would pray for the world when they get to Santiago.

After too much coffee and lots of discussion, and Conchi gifting me with a bunch of kiwis from her trees, the sellers called to tell me they had arrived from Coruna to show me the house before dark. They are such nice people. I swear the people of Galicia have the biggest hearts. And ironies of ironies, the people with the house on the lake that we loved so much but was sold out from under us, messaged me. The sale fell through. ‘Before I list it I wanted to let you know in case you’re interested. I know you were sad.’ I swear, I should buy a lottery ticket.

It was a quick trip back to Lugo, to say muchas gracias and hasta la vista to new friends. I stopped past the taxi stand out front and said a socially distanced farewell to the guys. The tow truck driver and his wife, my new friend, showed up at the hotel and she handed me a box of beautifully decorated cookies she had baked me for the drive. ‘Call me if you get tired and want to chat.’ If we move to the area its nice to know that when we arrive sometime next year we would be surrounded by people I already know and truly like. A soft landing. In my experience, hardship breeds blessings. And this trip has been filled to the brim with blessings.

The manager of the hotel helped me take my bags to the car. ‘You’re finally rid of me.’ I told her. ‘After two weeks!’

‘Well it has been our pleasure.’ she assured me. ‘It’s been good for us, too. Especially at this time.’

When this is posted I’ll be on the road. Here’s to a blessedly uninteresting uneventful weekend in Valencia – in my own bed! Only 9 hours to go.

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